Warner Bros refusing new SnyderVerse projects as company drama hits boiling point

Starting with 2011's Man of Steel, the original DCEU was supposed to be Warner Bros’ answer to the MCU. Titled the SnyderVerse by fans, plans for the continuation of the interconnected films ended with the release of Justice League.

However, the recent release of the elusive Snyder Cut restored hope in the future of the SnyderVerse. Unfortunately, despite fans wanting more films in the series, WB is allegedly doubling down on their refusal.

Warner Bros refusing SnyderVerse

According to trusted SnyderVerse insider Grace Randolph, Warner Bros is refusing outright to greenlight any new projects in the universe. The company drama surrounding AT&T's release of the Snyder Cut has exacerbated internally. Supposedly, higher-ups at WB have taken the situation very personally.

In a new YouTube video, the insider explained that people within Warner Bros were excited about possibly reviving old plans for the DCEU. However, as the “upper echelon” allegedly took things more personally, those plans were kept shelved.

“Here’s the thing,” Rudolph said. “There’s a lot of drama behind-the-scenes of the Snyder Cut as you know, and so the very higher-ups, I’m talking like upper echelon of the people in charge of Warner Bros., they are just not going to greenlight any more of that stuff. They are just not going to do it. I think it became personal for them.

“A lot of people in the middle of the company had felt that there was a path forward but that was just false hope that all along. And so even people in... Warner Brothers below the upper echelon felt, you know, maybe things would turn a corner. I mean, maybe, you know, in a couple of years, if things aren't going well, they need to be bailed out. Maybe.

“No matter what the Snyder Cuts performance was there's just nothing they could do for the people who have to say. Yes. So that's the issue there.”

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Can fans do anything to help?

It’s widely known that can campaigns are the reason the Snyder Cut exists in the first place. As such, non-toxic fan campaigns could potentially help to Restore the SnyderVerse in the future.

However, Rudolph proposes another idea. Simply support Zack Snyder. With the director making his Netflix original debut next month with Army of the Dead, the success of that project could make Warner Bros want the director back.

After all, it was the success of Snyder's 300 and Watchmen that got the director attached to the DCEU. Perhaps, depending on the director's future accomplishments, he could return in the future.

"The best thing fans can do for the Snyder Cut is to make Army of the Dead a success. You know what happens when you break up with someone? What's the worst thing that can happen is if your ex goes off and it's like a huge success. So, you want Warner Brothers to look, and see how successful Zack Snyder is over at Netflix and be like, hmm, maybe we made a mistake. You know, time sometimes heals all wounds."

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