James Gunn says almost all The Suicide Squad characters are going to die

David Ayer's 2017 movie Suicide Squad didn't really feel like a suicide mission. Over the course of the story, very few characters actually died. The Suicide Squad director James Gunn is definitely looking to change that.

James Gunn has introduced a lot of DC characters into The Suicide Squad, and most of them will probably die there. So, even if you really like these characters’ comic book counterparts, don't get attached.

James Gunn is killing a lot of characters

In an Instagram Q&A, thanks ComicBook, Gunn revealed that most characters that are in The Suicide Squad will be killed. After all, unlike the original movie, Gunn is taking these characters on a dangerous suicide mission. It's either kill or be killed, and it seems there'll be a lot of both.

When the director was asked how much of the cast will die, Gunn replied “Almost all of them" without hesitation. While this could be Gunn stirring up speculation, the director is most likely telling the truth. After all, you can't really say everyone's going to die when they're not. Just look at Mark Ruffalo as an example.

Who will survive?

Fans have been putting together their own lists of characters that they think will survive the events of The Suicide Squad. Considering her popularity, it's fair to say that Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn will likely end up alive at the end of the movie.

Another popular pick for survival is John Cena as Peacekeeper. The character is going to have a solo TV show. Of course, that show could end up being a prequel, but Warner Bros might want to keep the character alive in case he becomes incredibly popular.

Outside of that, every other character appears to be up for the chopping block. Considering how little we've seen of characters like Peter Capaldi’s Thinker, it’s best to consider them entirely disposable.

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