Paramount officially delays new Star Trek movie in favour of Transformers

Paramount's upcoming Star Trek movie is a mysterious beast. While the production company has confirmed that the Trek flick is being worked on, there are no details on what the project actually is.

Previous leaks have explained that there are two Trek films in the works. Firstly, the company is working on a fourth and final entry in the Kelvin universe. Additionally, an all-new movie is in the works with a fresh crew. 

When is the next Star Trek movie release date?

Paramount’s next Star Trek movie was planned to release on June 9, 2023. The mysterious sci-fi film was planned to launch on that date on the Paramount+ streaming service. However, those plans have now been moved. 

Reported by Variety, the movie’s release date has been pushed as part of a massive schedule shift. The company has moved the upcoming Transformers: Rise of the Beasts into Trek’s June 9th release date.

Instead of a June release, the new Star Trek will now see a holiday release. Reportedly, the film will be released on Dec. 22, 2023. Reports worried that the new movie will clash with the release of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. However, rumours claim that movie will be delayed.

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What will the new movie be about?

As mentioned previously, they're are next to no details about the new Star Trek movie. Nevertheless, there are a few miniscule details that could to the direction of the film. For example, if the film is indeed a continuation of the Kelvin timeline we do have an inkling of its plot.

Star Trek 4 was initially pitched as a time travel movie for the Kelvin crew. Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk would go back in time and meet his father, played by Chris Hemsworth. While negotiations fell through, the plans for that movie are allegedly still on the table.

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