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Cavill’s Superman was almost murdered by this Suicide Squad movie character

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In the DC universe, there's one hero that stands above all as the strongest: Superman. The Man of Steel has often been touted as the strongest superhero across Marvel and DC, so much so that beating him is takes a serious villain. Well, in James Gunn’s upcoming The Suicide Squad movie, one of the film's villains has already topped Henry Cavill's Superman.

Superman was bested by this Suicide Squad villain

In response to a fan on Twitter, director James Gunn revealed that the DCEU's Superman has been bested. Of course, the Man of Steel was already beaten by Batman and Doomsday, but this new foe is a relatively unknown villain.

Gunn revealed that The Suicide Squad's Bloodsport, played by Idris Elba, took down the Metropolis protector in battle. The Man of Steel wasn't killed by Bloodsport, but he was gravely harmed by the villain.

Gunn explained:

“Bloodsport is in prison for taking him down with a kryptonite bullet. If you believe these covers, he may not be the bad guy in that situation. He put him in the ICU but he failed to kill him.”

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James Gunn shares disturbing Man of Steel moments

Gunn’s comments regarding The Suicide Squad's villainy originated in response to the director’s Superman Day celebrations. For the holiday, Gunn shared disturbing covers from the hero’s past showing the Man of Steel committing horrible deeds.


One cover shows Jimmy Olsen and Aquaman in the desert dying of thirst. Superman is holding a huge jug of ice-cold water, but he won't let the two share the water. Another cover shows the Kryptonian snapping Lois Lane's air-hose to commit “the perfect murder".

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