Morbius actor Tyrese Gibson claims the movie is in the MCU

Sony's upcoming slate of Marvel movies are believed to be separate from the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Sony boss Sanford Panitch has explained that Venom and Spider-Man will crossover one day, the future of Morbius and Kraven are uncertain.

However, evidence has come out that points to Morbius being somehow tied to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Previous hints made it seem that the Jared Leto anti-hero flick was tied to the beloved Raimi trilogy. On the other hand, could Marvel's multiverse plans end up incorporating the SonyVerse sooner than later?

Tyrese Gibson says Morbius is in the MCU

In an interview with ComicBook for Fast9, Morbius actor Tyrese Gibson confirmed that the movie is part of the MCU. Gibson plays the role of Simon Stroud, an FBI agent that will be one of the main foes for the Living Vampire.

When asked whether the movie is part of the MCU, Gibson responded, “Yes.” The interviewer then clarified his question, asking if the film was part of the Avengers world. “Yes,” the actor responded.

Furthermore,  the actor explained that Morbius has been delayed internally from January to October. Gibson claims that this is so the movie can “take advantage of that Halloween energy". Before now, there was no evidence to suggest that Sony would be trying to shift the release dates of their Marvel movies.

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Sony rushes to say the movie isn't in the MCU

Shortly after Gibson explained that the movie is part of Marvel's Cinematic Universe, Sony hurriedly denied the actor's claims. Speaking to GameSpot, Sony explained that the movie is still exclusively part of the SonyVerse and that the film isn't delayed.

Gibson has been known to unknowingly reveal information about movies in the past. At the time of writing, it's unclear what Sony's plans are for the SonyVerse. If we're lucky, Spider-Man No Way Home will help to clarify the future of these two Marvel movie universes.

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