Star Wars’ unnamed High Republic series officially starts pre-production in California

Disney and Lucasfilm have huge plans for the future of Star Wars. While new movies are on the horizon by the likes of Kevin Feige and Taika Watiti, a larger emphasis has been placed on a multitude of TV series. Star Wars TV aims to span multiple eras of the franchise, including the prequels, original trilogy and even the High Republic.

Lucasfilm currently has one announced project for the High Republic era called The Acolyte, a darker series following The Sith. However, another project is also in the works, an unannounced series known only by its codename: Grammar Rodeo.

High Republic series Grammar Rodeo starts pre-production

Currently, not much is known about Grammar Rodeo. The project has been described as series designed for a younger crowd, acting as a live-action entry point into the franchise similar to The Clone Wars.

Sources close to Grammar Rodeo have described the series as being reminiscent of Stranger Things. In fact, the project has been described by multiple outlets as “Stranger Things in space”. This means that it will be following a younger crowd of characters — Jedi Padawan — solving a mystery.

Now, sources are claiming that the still unannounced series has already started pre-production and is getting ready for filming. With casting mostly finished, Lucasfilm appears to be trying to get the series wrapped as soon as possible.

Grammar Rodeo is set to start pre-production in Culver City, California. Sets are already being prepared for the series. As for when filming starts, Disney’s studio is currently taken up by The Mandalorian. Afterwards, Ahsoka will start filming in April. It would appear that Grammar Rodeo will start filming as soon as Ahsoka wraps.

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Why is it called Grammar Rodeo?

Until Lucasfilm actually announces its upcoming High Republic series, it will only be known by its leaked codename. But what does Grammar Rodeo mean? And when will Lucasfilm actually announce the series?

Grammar Rodeo appears to be a reference to The Simpsons. In an episode called Bart Takes A Trip, the children of Springfield tell their parents they're to the National Grammar Rodeo. Of course, they were lying.

With this in mind, it would appear that the Jedi Padawan in the new High Republic show will be on the rebellious side. After all, every beloved Padawan — Anakin, Ahsoka — has a rebellious streak, and this will be no different.

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