New High Republic Star Wars show will reportedly be ‘Stranger Things in space’

Over its 40-year history, George Lucas’ Star Wars has explored a multitude of different eras. In recent years, Lucasfilm has crafted an all-new era for the long-running sci-fi franchise: The High Republic.

This latest era has already been a huge focus of Star Wars comic books, but it's yet to be seen on screen. That is set to change with two upcoming shows; The Acolyte and a new, unannounced kid-focused series.

The High Republic for children

Reported by Cinelinx, Lucasfilm is looking to create more content in The High Republic era of Star Wars. However, the show isn't designed entirely for adult Star Wars fans, but instead the next generation.

The upcoming show is looking to develop the “next generation of heroes”, designed to bring more children into the fold. Sources claim that the show’s main cast will predominantly consist of “teenage” heroes.

Multiple sources have reportedly described the show as “Stranger Things in space”. This makes a lot of sense; while Stranger Things is predominantly designed for teenage audiences, it's also beloved by people who grew up in the 80s.

The upcoming TV show is said to be developed with help from the era’s comic book writers. Known as Luminous Team, the collective is allegedly on board to make sure that Lucasfilm doesn't mess up any established lore or planned storylines.

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An animated series is also in the works

The upcoming Stranger Things-esque show isn't the only High Republic series in the works. Via the aforementioned article, Lucasfilm is also looking to develop an animated series set during the new era for Disney Plus.

Much like The Clone Wars and Rebels, this show will also likely revolve around younger characters in the Star Wars universe. While The Bad Batch is designed to appeal to older fans, this new show would bring in younger audiences.

Whatever happens, it’s a good time to be a Star Wars fan. If you aren't a fan of one era, there's always something happening in another era to keep you occupied. 

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