Cyberpunk 2077: Damning comparison video shows Night City is worse than games from 2002

The troubled launch of Cyberpunk 2077 continues today, with a video doing the rounds on Reddit and YouTube that does not paint the game in a positive light.

The video compares a multitude of moments in Cyberpunk 2077 to the equivalent areas of much older games, including 2002's Mafia and 2004's GTA: San Andreas, and the comparison is not kind to CD Projekt Red's big new sci-fi game.

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Scroll a little bit further and you'll be able to watch the video in full...

Watch the video here!

A Reddit user called 'LonelySubject' and a YouTube account named 'Low Sodium Cyberpunk' have both posted the video, and you can watch it right here...

As you can see, the video is very specific in its comparisons, showing the viewer precise portions of the new game and comparing them to the exact same segments of much older titles.

When you throw a grenade in the water in Cyberpunk 2077, for example, you see an odd-looking explosion that doesn't seem to impact its surroundings at all. In 2008's Grand Theft Auto IV, though, you would see a huge splash coming from the water if you did the same thing.

By pointing out these tiny details that are missing or underwhelming in Cyberpunk 2077, the video highlights a lot of damning comparisons that do not reflect well on the new title.

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Will Cyberpunk 2077 get better?

This video, of course, is one of many negative stories to pop up after the Cyberpunk 2077 launch. The game was riddled with bugs at launch, particularly on the older consoles, to the point that refunds were offered to certain players.

In a recent apology video, the developers at CD Projekt Red renewed their vow to get the game patched and fixed up in the coming months, as well as promising some free DLC after that. It seems fair to assume, then, that the game will get better in time.

The bigger question, arguably, is can CD Projekt Red ever bounce back from a PR perspective? It could be a long time before gamers trust their company again.

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