Cyberpunk 2077 company could be SOLD after troubled launch

Cyberpunk 2077 was a game with an almost unfathomable number of preorders that reflected just how many people were looking forward to it.

This was partly to do with the IP itself, but was mostly due to the fact that CD Projekt Red had an excellent reputation and heaps of goodwill after releasing The Witcher 3.

Despite that, the game itself has brought very little aside from problems to the company itself, and while some gamers are happy enough with what was delivered, there are also lots of people who have issues with it.

Well, according to one report, this could make CD Projekt Red a good target for acquisitions.

CD Projekt Red could end up being bought by a larger company

As reported by Metro, a report from DFC Intelligence has said that "The company now becomes one to watch as an acquisition candidate.

"This was clearly the case where the marketing and publishing of a larger company would have worked wonders."

This is due to the way Cyberpunk 2077 was handled. That's not just the game itself either, but the way that PR and marketing were handled up until the game release.

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What effect would this have on the games they make?

Ultimately it would change the management, which could well change how the games are marketed in the future as well as how things like crunch are health with.

It could also change the kind of game they make as well, but it all depends on whether or not anything like this actually occurs.

Despite lots of companies technically being available to buy, it costs a lot to do, and it's not something that any one company is going to do lightly.

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