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Xbox survey asks owners about Bitcoin payment methods

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Xbox is reportedly asking its users if they would want to use Bitcoin as a payment method on the Xbox store.

In an Xbox Insider survey, the company asked: "Which of these other payment methods would you like to use on Xbox (select all that apply)?"

According to one Reddit post, one option available was: "Pay with Bitcoin".

This comes as further companies such as Tesla and Lush have begun adding Bitcoin payment support.

Does Microsoft support Bitcoin?

Prior to the Bitcoin surge in 2017, Microsoft had already added support Bitcoin as a payment method on its digital storefront.

This was then removed in 2018, with the company citing the cryptocurrency's volatility as a payment option. Bitcoin support was restored shortly after but now appears to have been quietly removed.

The payment methods section of the Microsoft account options does not include any reference Bitcoin, with a previous guide now removed. Reports online suggest that the Xbox or Windows Stores do support Bitcoin payments, but we have been unable to find such options when attempting to pay.

However, you can top up your Microsoft account using Paypal, which added Bitcoin payment support in late 2020.

Xbox Insider Survey
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Image by u/Avid_Hiker98

Could Xbox add Bitcoin support?

Given the Xbox Insider survey's reference to Bitcoin, support for the cryptocurrency has not been ruled out by Xbox.

However, as this is just a survey for beta testers, this is not a confirmation of Bitcoin support. Previous surveys that asked Xbox owners about the DualSense controller have yet to materialise in any additional features.

It's also worth questioning whether it would be worth addingBitcoin support, given the price of transaction fees. With an average fee of $23 per transaction according to CoinDesk, it might not be financially feasible for Xbox to let players buy a month of Game Pass with Bitcoin.

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