Samsung S95D vs Samsung S95C - which QD-OLED TV is better?

An image of Samsung S95D vs Samsung S95C

At CES this year, Samsung introduced its 2024 TV lineup, including the eagerly awaited S95D. To assist potential buyers in understanding how it surpasses its predecessor, we've created a detailed Samsung S95D vs Samsung S95C​ comparison guide.

The Samsung S95D retains most features of the S95C but also introduces a series of enhancements and innovations, further elevating the viewing experience. But what exactly are these improvements, and are they worth the additional investment?

In this Samsung S95D vs Samsung S95C​ comparison guide, we will reveal the key differences in features, performance, and value for money between these two models.

Samsung S95D vs Samsung S95C - specs and design

Samsung S95C
Samsung S95D
Panel Technology
QD-OLED (2nd-Gen)
QD-OLED (3rd-Gen)
Refresh Rate
144 Hz
144 Hz
Peak Brightness
Up to 2,000 Nits
Up to 3,000 Nits
One Connect Box
OLED Glare Free Technology

While the Samsung S95D and S95C both offer the same resolution, refresh rate, and panel technology, the S95D enhances the overall viewing experience with newer features and improved technologies.

The S95D boasts a significant brightness upgrade, 20% brighter than its predecessor, the S95C. This enhancement is due to its advanced 3rd-gen QD-OLED panel, capable of reaching up to 3000 nits peak brightness.

A significant new feature of the S95D is its new anti-glare coating, dubbed OLED Glare Free Technology by Samsung, which significantly enhances the viewing experience by effectively minimizing reflections, especially in brightly lit environments.

When it comes to design, the Samsung S95D has an even slimmer and more elegant profile than its predecessor, the S95C, showcasing an impressively thin 11mm profile that underscores its sleek, modern aesthetic.

Samsung S95D vs Samsung S95C - price

The Samsung S95C is priced at $2,099 for the 55-inch variant, $2,699 for the 65-inch version, and $3,899 for the 77-inch model. Additionally, it's worth noting that these prices might be even lower during special offers or sales events.

The expected pricing for the Samsung S95D is likely to be in line with the initial launch price of its predecessor, the S95C. This suggests probable price points of $2,499 for the 55-inch model, $3,299 for the 65-inch version, and $4,499 for the 77-inch variant.

Samsung S95D vs Samsung S95C - which is better?

Choosing between the Samsung S95D and S95C depends on your priorities and how much value you place on the latest features.

The Samsung S95D enhances its predecessor, the S95C, with greater brightness, an innovative glare-free screen, an even slimmer design, and superior colour accuracy, marking a noticeable improvement in both functionality and aesthetics​.

If you value the latest enhancements and are willing to pay a premium for them, the S95D is the better choice. However, if you're more price-sensitive and the improvements in the S95D don't seem essential to you, the S95C offers better value.

This concludes our Samsung S95D vs Samsung S95C comparison. We'll keep this guide updated with the latest pricing information as soon as it is officially announced. Before you head off, check out the best Samsung deals of 2024.

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