Samsung 2024 TV lineup include ‘glare-free OLED’, 8K upscaling and AI gubbins

An image of the Samsung S95D glare free OLED from the 2024 CES lineup

An image of the Samsung S95D glare free OLED from the 2024 CES lineup

The new Samsung 2024 TV lineup from CES 2024 aims to be a huge step forward for the company. A Quick Look at the new TV lineup reveals a slew of interesting additions to the company’s selection of displays.

Revealed alongside its new Music Frame speaker, Samsung’s 2024 TVs include two 2024 8K Neo QLEDs: the QN900D and QN800D. Designed as the slimmest 8K displays on the TV market, the new Quantum Dot displays make use of revised 8K upscaling to make up for the lack of native 8K footage.

Samsung’s QN800D Neo QLED offers blazing fast 240Hz VRR support. However, the QN900D offers unique AI features, including “fluid ball tracking”, a system that uses AI to focus on balls during sports games.

The Samsung QN900D will be available in 98", 85", 75" and 65" sizes. On the other hand, the QN800D QLED TV will be available in 85", 75" and 65" displays.

The Samsung QN900D QLED TV in a white background
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Alongside its Quantum Dot displays, the Samsung 2024 OLED lineup starts with the new S90D which boasts Pantone Validation for the most vibrant colour reproduction yet. However, the company’s S95D is somehow even more enticing.

Powered by the same Neural Quantum Processor, the Samsung S95D 8K OLED TV features the first “glare-free OLED” panel, limiting light respectively to make sure the display can always be seen. Furthermore, the TV boasts an Infinity One design as well as a Slim One Connect Box keeping the display thin and wire free.

While not yet officially announced, Samsung Display has teased its new QD-OLEDs can offer a maximum brightness of 3000 nits, likely referring to the new S95D display. Additionally, each RGB colour can get 50% brighter than previous displays.

The S95D OLED TV will launch with 77", 65" and 55" display sizes. The S90D OLED comes in the same 77", 65" and 55" configurations.

A Samsung S95D OLED TV in a white void
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Finally, Samsung’s 2024 TV lineup includes new upgrades for its popular The Frame TV. Alongside better colour science and improved energy efficiency, Samsung is introducing a new app to make it easier for users to upload art backgrounds to their TVs. Furthermore, a dynamic refresh rate — or in Samsung’s words an “Art Mode Frequency” — allows the display to stay at 60Hz to save power. It’s not as useful as being able to drop down to 1Hz, but any energy efficiency upgrades are acceptable.

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