Samsung S95C - specs, price, reviews, gaming and more

Samsung S95C - specs, price, reviews, gaming and more
Credit: Samsung

Samsung S95C - specs, price, reviews, gaming and more
Credit: Samsung

Samsung, widely recognized as one of the best TV brands in the world, released the most anticipated Samsung S95C OLED 4K Smart TV in February 2023.

The Samsung S95C OLED TV takes centre stage as a high-end 4K gaming TV in Samsung's impressive 2023 lineup. This latest iteration introduces notable design changes that elevate the overall aesthetic and functionality of the TV.

In this comprehensive article, we delve into every aspect of the Samsung S95C, from its impressive specifications to its competitive pricing, reviews from experts and users, and its prowess in the realm of gaming.

Samsung S95C OLED specs

Samsung S95C OLED
55 inches, 65 inches,and 77 inches
Refresh Rate
144 Hz
Response time
0.2 ms
Tizen OS
Gaming features
AMD FreeSync Premium and VRR.

With a remarkable thickness of only 10mm, Samsung S95C surpasses its predecessor, the S95B, in sleekness and adds an extra touch of sophistication to any living space.

The Samsung S95C OLED TV represents the company's second foray into the realm of QD-OLED, a panel technology that promises a remarkable 30% increase in brightness compared to conventional OLED displays, thanks to the incorporation of Quantum Dots.

Powered by Samsung's Neural Quantum Processor 4K, this television takes your content and upscales it to breathtakingly sharp 4K resolution, scene by scene. No matter the content source, the Samsung S95C ensures that it's displayed in the best possible quality.

Not only does the Samsung S95C OLED TV deliver exceptional visual performance, but it also stands as a gaming powerhouse, boasting an impressive 144Hz refresh rate that ensures ultra-smooth gameplay and immersive gaming experiences.

Samsung S95C OLED price

The Samsung S95C OLED TV is available in various sizes, starting with the 55-inch base model priced at $2,499 and extending to the larger 77-inch variant at $4,499.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the Samsung S95C OLED TV models and their corresponding prices:

Screen Size

With its range of sizes and corresponding price points, there is an option available to suit various preferences and budgets, allowing you to indulge in the remarkable viewing experience provided by the Samsung S95C OLED TV.

Samsung S95C OLED reviews

Samsung S95C in a living room
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Credit: Samsung
Tom's Guide: 5/5
DigitalTrends: 9/10
RTINGS: 9.1/10

The Samsung S95C OLED has garnered positive reviews from various sources, including the reputable review site RTINGS, which awarded it an impressive score of 9.1.

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RTINGS, known for their thorough and objective evaluations, highlighted the near-infinite contrast ratio of the S95C, which produces deep, uniform blacks and bright highlights without any distracting blooming. This attribute greatly enhances the viewing experience, particularly for movie enthusiasts seeking a cinematic feel in dark room settings.

When it comes to gaming, RTINGS praises the S95C for its low input lag and nearly-instantaneous response time. These features make it a fantastic choice for gamers, offering a highly responsive and immersive gaming experience.

Is Samsung S95C OLED good for gaming?

Samsung S95C OLED is one of the best gaming TVs in 2023. With its impressive 144Hz refresh rate and lightning-fast 0.2 ms response time, this TV delivers an exceptionally smooth and responsive gaming experience.

The Samsung S95C OLED TV incorporates Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ technology, further enhancing the gaming experience with its array of features and optimizations. This technology is specifically designed to improve gaming performance, ensuring smooth and immersive gameplay.

Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ combines a range of advanced features such as 4K 144Hz VRR and FreeSync Premium Pro. These technologies work in harmony to eliminate screen tearing, reduce input lag, and maintain synchronicity between the display and your gaming console or PC.

Samsung S95C OLED vs LG G3 OLED

Samsung S95C OLED
55 inches, 65 inches, and 77 inches
55 inches, 65 inches, 77 inches, and 83 inches
Refresh Rate
144 Hz
120 Hz
Response Time
0.2 ms
0.1 ms

When comparing the Samsung S95C OLED and the LG G3 OLED, it's evident that both televisions offer exceptional performance, with each having its own strengths.

In terms of brightness, the LG G3 OLED takes the lead, particularly in HDR content, as it can reach higher peak brightness levels than the S95C. Additionally, the LG G3 performs better in SDR when displaying bright content that covers a significant portion of the screen.

However, it's worth noting that the LG G3's HDR brightness drops significantly in Game Mode, while the S95C maintains its brightness well in that mode. Moreover, with its wider colour gamut, the S95C delivers a more vibrant visual experience in most scenarios.

Both televisions excel in gaming, but the S95C OLED gains an advantage with official support for 4K at 144Hz, surpassing the 120Hz capability of the LG G3. This feature is especially appealing for gamers seeking a smoother and more immersive gaming experience.

In conclusion, while both the Samsung S95C OLED and the LG G3 OLED are fantastic televisions, the S95C edges slightly ahead in terms of colour vibrancy, gaming capabilities with its 4K@144Hz support, and maintaining brightness in Game Mode.

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