Samsung S90C - specs, price, reviews, gaming, and more

An image of the Samsung S90C OLED TV
Credit: Samsung

An image of the Samsung S90C OLED TV
Credit: Samsung

In May 2023, Samsung unveiled its magnificent creation, the Samsung S90C, reaffirming its position as one of the world's best TV brands.

The Samsung S90C is a 4K OLED TV in Samsung's 2023 lineup. It feels and looks like a repackaged Samsung S95B, but with an exciting upgrade – 4K@144Hz support, making it one of the best gaming TVs in 2023.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll uncover the technical specifications of the Samsung S90C, explore its gaming prowess, dive into user reviews, and even reveal its price to help you make an informed decision.

Samsung S90C specs

The Samsung S90C is a 4K resolution TV with a remarkable 144Hz refresh rate, delivering crystal-clear visuals, stunning detail, and smooth motion, perfect for fast-paced action scenes and gaming enthusiasts.

Samsung S90C
Sizes available
3,840 x 2,160 (4K UHD TV)
Refresh Rate
144 Hz
HDMI 2.1
Yes, on all four ports
AMD FreeSync

Samsung uses two different kinds of OLED panels in its S90C lineup. The smaller variants, available in 55-, 65-, and 77-inch sizes, feature QD-OLED panels, while the larger 83-inch Samsung S90C uses LG's WOLED panel.

At the heart of the Samsung S90C lies the powerful Neural Quantum Processor 4K. Its advanced capabilities enable AI upscaling to transform lower-resolution content into stunningly sharp 4K visuals.

Samsung S90C price

The Samsung S90C is available in four different sizes, providing a range of options to suit your preferences and fit perfectly into any space. The OLED smart TV starts at $1,899 for the 55-inch model and goes up to $5,400 for the top 85-inch version.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the Samsung S90C OLED TV models and their corresponding prices:

  • 55-inch: $1,899
  • 65-inch: $2,599
  • 77-inch: $3,599
  • 83-inch: $5,400

Please note that the price of the Samsung S90C may vary based on regions, individual retailers, and any ongoing promotional offers or discounts.

If you're unsure about the ideal size for your TV, be sure to check out our guide "What Size TV Should I Buy?" for expert advice.

Samsung S90C reviews

The Samsung S90C has earned high praise in reviews.

After rigorous and in-depth testing, RTINGS, a trusted and authoritative source for TV evaluations, awarded the Samsung S90C an impressive score of 9.0. According to them, the Samsung S90C is a "fantastic TV for every usage."

With such positive feedback from experts in the industry, the Samsung S90C proves itself as a top-tier TV in its class, ensuring that consumers can confidently invest in a product that lives up to its reputation.

Is Samsung S90C good for gaming?

Yes, Samsung S90C is good for gaming, thanks to its impressive 144Hz refresh rate and speedy 1ms response time. The TV ensures smooth and responsive gameplay, minimizing motion blur and input lag.

Moreover, its full HDMI 2.1 Bandwidth support on all four HDMI ports enables seamless connectivity to next-gen gaming consoles and best gaming PCs.

When it comes to VRR technologies, the Samsung S90C comes equipped with AMD FreeSync Premium. However, it's important to note that Nvidia G-Sync is not supported.

Samsung S90C compared to other TVs

The Samsung S90C is an incredible OLED TV. While it doesn't get as bright as the Samsung S95C and the LG G3 OLED, it still delivers impressive brightness and vibrant visuals, surpassing the LG C3 OLED.

In terms of overall performance, the Samsung S90C proves to be a highly impressive TV, making it a compelling choice for most buyers, especially considering its more affordable price compared to the pricier S95C model.

And that concludes our guide on Samsung S90C. If you are looking for a more affordable QLED TV, you might want to consider Samsung QN95C.

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