Samsung 83S90C 83-inch OLED uses LG panel after years of rivalry

The new Samsung 83S90C 83-inch OLED on a background on Samsung and LG logos

The new Samsung 83S90C 83-inch OLED on a background on Samsung and LG logos

TV manufacturer Samsung has finally given in on its years-long LG rivalry, adopting its competitors OLED panels for its latest hardware release. After years of fighting LG’s OLED tech, the new 83-inch Samsung 83S90C has an LG panel at its core.

After years of fighting for its Quantum Dot displays to take OLED’s crown, Samsung is finally giving in and using LG’s long-praised technology for its latest innovations. The Samsung 83S90C will make use of the company’s WOLED/WRGB technology, abandoning the long-advertised Quantum Dot panels.

LG’s WOLED displays have been praised for their high degree of brightness accuracy. Compared to other display panels, WOLED has far better white reproduction, combatting the off-white look of other high-end panels.

For years, Samsung has argued that WOLED’s white colour reproduction has negative effects on other bright colours. Furthermore, the TV company has claimed that it increases the change of burn in on OLED panels, leaving permanent image marks on the TV display.

As noted by Forbes, Samsung’s long fight against LG panels has even led to it advertising its Quantum Dot displays as just “OLED” panels. With the general market understanding OLED as high-end but not Quantum Dot.

However, even now that the company is adopting LG’s lauded technology for its new displays, Samsung isn’t changing the naming conventions of its displays. Despite the massive increase in visual coherence offered by WOLED panels, the new Samsung display is being touted as just an OLED panel.

The LG OLED tech doesn’t beat every aspect of Samsung’s typical Quantum Dot panels. For everything WOLED does better, Quantum Dot is substantially brighter, and for the most part colour reproduction is comparable. However, as Quantum Dot is only available on display sizes up to 77-inches, this new massive display needs to adopt another technology.

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The Samsung 83S90C will be hitting stores in the United States this week. As a huge and expensive new display, the 83S90C will retail with an RRP of of $5,400.

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