Zuckerberg’s Metaverse is a ploy for virtual immortality, claims wild theory

The metaverse has proven to be a bizarre platform, giving users an online platform where they can live weird lives. While most thought that was the point, there’s a theory going around that it might be made for virtual immortality.

Arguably, anything in the digital spectrum should is “immortal”, but could techno-billionaires use this platform to make themselves live forever?

Will billionaires be immortal in the metaverse?

On Twitter, Emily GPU said that some billionaires genuinely believe that they can eventually upload their consciousness to the metaverse. What’s being implied here is that they invested this much money in the online platform for a chance at immortality.

Granted, you won’t see these billionaires confirming these theories, but it’s not exactly impossible to believe, given how these people are. If these investors continue to put up with Meta and its various failures, they likely want immortality on online platforms.

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An impossible dream

Numerous sci-fi and fantasy movies have brought up the possibility of uploading your consciousness to technology like the online-only metaverse. However, those are all made up concepts for stories and mankind just doesn’t have that kind of technology right now.

Sure, technology is evolving every day, with AI and household robots becoming more prominent in basic labor jobs. However, building a robot to wash your dishes is different from transferring your soul into a computer, despite what Black Mirror says.

Billionaires will continue to try and fund things that sound impossible, simply because they have too much money. Hopefully, they give up on this fruitless endeavor since no one is going to live forever.

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