Xbox Series X vs PS5 Reddit: Which is the most popular console on Reddit? Is the console war dead?

We've now received quite a lot of news about both the Xbox Series X and PS5, and now it's time for gamers to decide which console they will pre-order.

If you're still on the fence about which console to buy, seeking the opinions of those online can often help you make a decision.

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While each social media platform has its merits and flaws, we often look towards Reddit for opinions, arguments, and suggestions. Here's what the site thinks about each console.

Which console is the most popular?

Buying a console on which one is the most popular may seem like a poor choice to make.

But, thanks to the psychological concept of informational social influence, it is one many gamers make. What this means is that many consumers will look towards their peers online to choose the 'right' console because of a desire to be correct when there is no obvious choice.

It can also be beneficial to buy the most popular console, as without universal cross-play in games such as FIFA or Overwatch, you could be stuck with smaller matchmaking pools.

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Based on the sheer size of the r/PS5 and r/XboxSeriesX subreddits, it appears that the PlayStation 5 has the edge on Reddit.

The PS5 subreddit has 295,000 members compared to the Xbox Series X's 28,400 members.

This is a trend seen across all PlayStation and Xbox subreddits, with the r/PS4 having 3,369,000 members compared to r/XboxOne's 2,118,000.

However, as with many statistics, this can be pretty misleading. Viewing members of a subreddit as advocates of one console is quite a huge assumption to make. Here's why.

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Is the console war on Reddit dead?

While the console war was a fierce battle between the Xbox 360 and PS3, for example, gamers appear to be taking a more laissez-faire approach to next-gen consoles now.

The r/XboxSeriesX subreddit, for example, has bans in place for content that "are designed to incite drama over PS5 being better than Xbox Series X."

Underneath the locked post, u/rubberteeth, a moderator of the subreddit, further emphasises that "We strive to be a friendly, welcoming community representing not just the brand, but the future of Xbox, too. r/PS5 are our friends, not our enemies. In these difficult times, video games should be bringing us together, not apart."

The r/PS5 also prohibits any content that "Incites console wars/flamebait/PC Master Race."

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A post by u/haikallp entitled 'As a PS fan, I really want the Xbox consoles to succeed' gained over 2.3k upvotes.

"It's fine to be a fan or prefer the PS over the Xbox, and vice versa," they explained, "but people need to understand that competition is good for consumers."

"Competition means we get consoles at attractive prices, better value, more innovation, and our voices will be more heard."

Clearly, while the 'console war' is set up as a tribal war between two groups of fans, there is little animosity between PlayStation and Xbox users on Reddit.

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