Xbox Series X start-up sound revealed: Listen to the Xbox Series X boot-up noise here

It's not quite the Xbox Series X reveal that we were hoping for, but Microsoft may well have just given the Xbox Series X start-up sound its first public play.

As tiny details go, the boot-up noise that console makes when you turn it on is one of the smallest experiences that helps define the way that a console feels.

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We already know that the Xbox Series X will have a powerful SSD, loads of cool games, and an epic Smart Delivery feature, but knowing what it sounds like is still an exciting addition to the overall picture.

Read on to wrap your ears around this Xbox Series X sound!

Listen to the Xbox Series X start-up sound here

Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series X sound in the video below, which is being used to promote the Xbox 20/20 live-stream where Xbox Series X games and more news will be revealed.

Click play on this video right here to listen to the new Xbox sound...

Are we sure this is the Xbox Series X start-up sound?

If you turn subtitles on, you'll see confirmation that this audio has been labelled up as "New Xbox Sound", so it seems pretty clear that this is the Xbox Series X start-up sound.

The description of the video also invites you to "boot up a brand new episode of Inside Xbox", which seems like another blatant confirmation.

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People seem pretty happy

"This startup just kissed me on the forehead and said “i’ll always be here for you”", wrote a commenter named KingKole on the aforementioned YouTube video.

And a commenter called Thomas Carter said, "This start up sequence just cradled me in its arms and told me that everything’s gonna be okay."

Microsoft, probably having seen the hype, shared this tongue-in-cheek silent post on Twitter...

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