Xbox Series X games: Fable 4 could be coming, says new rumour

The Xbox Series X looks excellent. The numbers behind it are unlike beyond anything a console has ever managed before, it stands tall like some ancient monolith, and its controller is a subtle redesign of an already excellent device.

What we don't know, at least at the moment, is what kind of games to expect when the next-gen console launches later this year. We know that there will be games, well, we hope there will be, but the specifics have yet to be revealed.

We know that Halo Infinite should be released around then, but aside from a few indie games (including one with a dolphin!) that is nearly everything we know for sure.

Of course, outside of everything we know for sure come rumours, and there's one in particular that suggests we could be returning to the world of Fable.

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Fable 4 rumours

This is a little tenuous, but it's also not completely outside of the realms of possibility so bear with us. A YouTube video on Quixel shows off an art real designed to present the Megascans Ecosystem to the world.

This video is basically a showcase for a toolset that helps people to create worlds within Unreal Engine. If you watch the four and a half minute video, you'll be treated to a plethora of gorgeous sights.

While they all look great, one, in particular, was pulled out by Twitter user @NilOggier, who suggests that Playground games are probably using the same technology for Fable, which is rumoured to be the RPG that they're apparently working on.

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Let's not get too carried away...

Keep in mind this is just a rumour and one that seems highly unlikely at the moment. Well, this image is unlikely to be from Fable 4, but Fable 4 still seems like a fairly safe bet too.

After all, when you've got one of the most beloved RPGs in history, there's really no reason not to bring it back in time for your next big console, especially as the Xbox One struggled behind the PS4 this generation.

This image is likely nothing to do with Fable though; it seems more likely that it's part of somebody else's work. In fact, Twitter user @Nukie18861 says "It's actually fun project created by DICE artist Otto Ostera. You can check his artstation. I don't think it's related to fable."

It's definitely a pretty image either way, but it's not very good proof of the next Fable game, even though such a thing is incredibly likely from a business standpoint.

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