William Shatner says humanity’s ‘gambling’ with Earth needs to stop

The release of Star Trek in the 1960s sparked an interest in space travel that few other mediums ever have. Now, almost 60 years later, and Star Trek’s lead actor William Shatner has actually been to space.

Flying on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin New Shepard rocket, Shatner was able to see Earth within the expanse. But how has that life experience changed him

William Shatner speaks out against planetary gambling

In a piece for The Sunday Times, Shatner discussed his trip up to space. The Star Trek icon explained that the trip was frightening, especially to his relatives. However, it gave him new perspective on living on Earth.

“My daughters tried to persuade me not to go because they thought it was too dangerous,” the actor-turned-astronaut said. “But my grandkids thought it was so cool.”

Shatner explained that the trip was for part of a documentary on his life. Cataloging the actor’s 91-year life, the documentary’s finale will likely show his trip up to space and his epiphany afterwards.

“When I went up there and I could see the curvature of the Earth and the vast blackness surrounding it, it really hit home how much we don’t know and how we’re gambling with our planet,” the actor wrote.

William Shatner explained that he was scared of what the planet will be like in the future. While he won’t be around to see it, his grandchildren and their children will have to deal with the changes.

“I couldn’t help but think about the terrible burden that Clive, my two-year-old great-grandchild, is facing when he gets older,” he said.

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A history of eco-friendly?

As far as celebrities go, William Shatner has been on the eco-friendly side for decades. Obviously, he’s not perfect — he went on a rocket to space — but the actor does have a history.

For example, back in 2009, Shatner fought against Hewlett-Packard’s use of toxic plastics in landfills. Furthermore, the actor was an early vegan, and still practices veganism in his later life.

William Shatner is no Greta Thunberg, but he is pro-environment. Hopefully, his words will inspire others to do the right thing.

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