Aliens are totally real and the government has them, says this guy

A totally real alien that the government has interacting with a dog
Credit: Original unedited by Stephen Leonardi

A totally real alien that the government has interacting with a dog
Credit: Original unedited by Stephen Leonardi

The United States government has access to real alien technology, according to former intelligence official David Grusch. According to the former US official, the country’s government has access to “intact and partially intact” alien UFOs.

Speaking to The Debrief, Grusch claimed that the United States Army has access to non-human vehicles and is illegally hiding the technology from Congress.

Grusch, a military veteran, officially served on America’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force for three years. Since then, the whistleblower has spoken out on America’s alleged collection of alien technology.

According to the whistleblower, the American government has collected fragments and even fully intact vehicles that have been determined as being “of exotic origin”.

Grusch isn’t the only US whistleblower to insist on the existence of alien technology. In the same article, US intelligence officer Jonathan Grey corroborated the claims, stating: “We are not alone.”

Grey claims that America is far from the only government with hidden alien technology. “This is a global phenomenon,” Grey said. “Yet a global solution continues to elude us.”

The alien-focused whistleblower claims that the fragments and ships they’ve found feature “the possession of unique atomic arrangements and radiological signatures” that are not achievable by human science at this time.

Grey and Grusch’s claims come after a heavy year for UFO experts. Over the past year, numerous reports have claimed that the United States military has far more information on extraterrestrial technology than its letting on.

Last year, NASA started its first full-force UFO study to discover extraterrestrial life. The space administration also believes that a number of UFOs that have been reported by US military forces could be alien in origin.

Nevertheless, the space administration has yet to officially discover anything extra terrestrial in nature. With NASA’s long history of space travel and investigation, it should be expected that the administration would be one of the first to find some extraterrestrial.

Nevertheless, Grey and Grusch are adamant that the alien technology does indeed exist, and that is is currently held by numerous governments across the world. They believe that the world has a right to know that the alien technology is allegedly real.

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