TATA Coin Crypto: What Is TATA Coin Crypto And How To Buy TATA Coin?

TATA Coin is another crypto out there that is gaining popularity in the cryptocurrency space. In fact, the coin soared more than 1200%, surging from $0.008 on March 5 to $0.24 on March 6. Definitely, this is a promising sign for this new coin. There are plenty of questions about TATA Coin that people want to be answered. Let’s take a look at what this coin is all about.

What is Tata Coin Crypto?

TATA Coin is the world's first 100% fully community-driven decentralized cryptocurrency. In other words, it is not owned or controlled by any individual, organization, entity, or group. That is, 100% of its supply is in the hands of the community; the developers have 0% supply of Tata Coin.

TATA crypto aims to provide the most secure payment system to multinational companies and organizations, including investors, around the world, allowing them to easily and securely transact with one another. 

TATA Coin can make international payments faster and cheaper. Since TATA Coin is not issued by a central authority and is effectively borderless, you can bypass the middlemen needed to process the transaction. Moreover, transactions can be done on the same day safely and securely without any verifications by any central authorities, Banks, etc.

As of March 9, 2022, TATA Coin is priced at $0.064618 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $360,265 USD. TATA crypto is up 3.87% in the last 24 hours. Learn more about Tata crypto here.

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How to Buy Tata Coin?

TATA Coin has a limited and finite supply of coins (9 million), which allows it to keep inflation low. Because of this stipulation, some retail and institutional investors see TATA Coin as a store of value and as a form of "digital gold."  

If you would like to buy TATA Coin, the top cryptocurrency exchange for trading in TATA Coin stock is currently PancakeSwap (V2). Here is how to buy Tata coin:

  1. Go to the Pancakeswap website and connect your wallet.
  1. Hover your cursor over Trade and click Exchange.
  2. Choose the token you want to trade from the dropdown menu in the From section. The default setting is BNB.
  3. Now, choose the token you want to trade to in the To section as above. Here it is TATA token (0x6f112c6AaF661684E99f1b4A45F861587c0595F1).
  4. Then, enter the BNB amount you want to swap or the TATA amount you want to receive.
  5. Finally, click Swap and confirm the swap.

There you have it. TATA coins in your wallet. Easy as that. Hope it helps!

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