Cringy Donald Trump NFT trading cards use stolen art

The worldwide joke of a United States president, Donald J. Trump, has released his latest swindle: NFT trading cards. However, it would appear that the Donald Trump NFT trading cards may be even worse than their cringy announcement.

The NFT project was revealed last week in a video from the ex-president. In a cringe-inducing reveal, Trump showcased the library of NFT cards featuring him in a litany of costumes. Some had Trump as a superhero, others had him dressed as an Air Force pilots but they were all naff.

Nevertheless, the NFTs sold out quickly, all 45,000 were snapped up by a combination of cryptobros and idiotic Trump worshipers. But it turns out that the just-released crypto cards may actually be filled with copyright violations.

As spotted by multiple people online, a number of the Donald Trump NFT cards utilise Shutterstock images as their base. However, it seems that these images have not been officially licensed, instead having their watermarks poorly photoshopped out.

TikTok user Saadia noticed that there are a number of watermarks that are left over in hard to eliminate places. For example, the image of the ex-President in an Air Force pilot’s outfit fails to completely remove the watermark around the suit’s buckle.

Other images also appear to be stolen, this time from small brands. One image of the ex-President as a stereotypical cowboy appears to use a picture of a duster jacket ripped from an Amazon store page, likely without permission.

An image of a Donald Trump NFT trading card stealing art from other sources
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Compared to the original, the coat looks identical and even folds in the exact same way. In fact, there’s no way that this image is not the original, but did Trump pay for the image’s use? While not confirmed, evidence points to no; after all, they didn’t pay for the Shutterstock image.

“It’s the grift that just keeps grifting,” the TikTok user said after pointing out the possible theft.

The Donald Trump NFT trading cards have been seen as a universally stupid announcement from the ex-President. Teased as a major reveal, the trading cards announcement has infuriated a large number of the right-wing media and even Trump’s zealous mob of followers.

Nevertheless, the NFTs still sold out almost immediately. Unfortunately, this is completely unsurprising considering the sheer number of right-wing dolts that still cling to Trump’s every word.

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