Axes Metaverse: What Is Axes Metaverse And What Is Axes Crypto?

When it comes to Azur, it’s hard to keep up with them. In the last few months, they have become one of the hottest game developers in the industry. They have released a lot of exciting new games, and are currently working on some more exciting titles. However, its new project appears to be a little different and more exciting. It's called Axes 2.0 Metaverse and it's a P2E game featuring NFTs. So, let’s find out more about this gaming project!

What is Axes Metaverse?

Axes 2.0 Metaverse is a blockchain-based Play-to-Earn gaming Metaverse created by Azur Games. Azur Games is one of the top 5 mobile game developers in the world. Worms Zone, Stack Ball and Bottle Jump are some of their popular games. Axes 2.0 Metaverse is a sequel to the company's hit battle royale mobile game called The new game will be available on iOS and Android devices. In addition, you can play it on your PC using a Web browser.

In the Azur Metaverse, you play as an NFT character and you battle to survive in the diminishing arena. Your character can be used in different game modes, upgraded or traded on the marketplace. Furthermore, players can lend their characters to other players when they don’t use them and share the game rewards. The game offers a PvE mode where you can send your NFT characters to the darkest "dungeons" to earn gold and other rewards. According to its website, the game will be available in February 2022.

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What is Axes Crypto?

Azur Games haven't designed the tokenomics for the Axes 2.0 Metaverse yet. However, they have released some info about it so far. Axes Metaverse utility token allows players to trade on the marketplace and upgrade their NFTs. The gaming platform also allows the staking of Axes tokens to get rewards.

You will be able to earn Axes tokens both in a passive and active way. NFT farming allows you to earn Axes tokens based on the power and rarity of NFTs you own. Meanwhile, engaging in different in-game activities and progressing in the story mode will allow you to earn regular Axes token rewards (season rewards, leaderboard rewards).

Check back here for more updates on the Axes Metaverse!

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