VR Gun Accessory: Striker VR receives $4m investment to release VR gun for consumer

With the Oculus Quest 2 now available for £299, Virtual Reality is becoming a more affordable and more accessible way to play games.

As interest grows in the technology, so does the number of new games, products and accessories available for players seeking to enhance their immersive virtual reality experience.

And now, Striker VR looks set to bring a new VR accessory to consumers and gamers - a gun.

Striker VR Gun Accessories

As reported by RoadtoVR, Striker VR announced it received a $4m investment which it plans to use to bring its gun peripherals into the consumer market. Striker VR said it will double its staff across the next twelve months as it focuses on releasing a VR gun accessory for consumer use.

Striker VR is known for its high-quality VR guns used for location-based VR gaming experiences at theme parks, for example. Its Arena Infinity peripheral features strong haptic feedback to replicate the recoil of real-life guns and weapons.

The current VR peripherals Striker VR makes aren't cheap, however, with its Arena Infinity and Arena Infinity Lite bundles costing $2800 and $1200, respectively. The company hopes to target a price point of under $500, but this could be less depending on how the final product is designed.

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How will the Striker VR Gun work?

Given that Striker VR wants to target both the PC VR and Oculus VR range, it faces the difficult task of working out how to do so.

The Oculus Quest's tracking system, for example, has not been opened up for third-party developers to use, with all peripherals and accessories currently attaching themselves to the controller to use as a tracker, instead. However, given the mock-up render Striker VR provided, it does not appear as if they are planning for this.

In targeting the consumer market, Striker VR will also have to ensure compatibility with the various VR shooters currently on the market, although given the variety in guns used (from pistols, to snipers, to assault rifles), this might take some work. It's likely that the Striker VR gun will see most of its use in SUPERHOT, Pistol Whip, Half-Life: Alyx, Population: One and Onward. Just don't use it in Beat Saber.

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