Venom Sabre gaming headset review: Delivers great quality and comfort for less than £30

A good headset is the cornerstone of modern gaming


. It's the one extra thing, aside from a good controller, in which we definitely recommend you invest to enhance your gaming experiences.

But investing doesn't necessarily mean spending every morsel of cash you have. There's a HUGE market for cheap gaming headsets, with everyone from Turtle Beach to


producing great options for under £50. Which brings us to Venom, a leading creator of budget gaming accessories, and their Sabre stereo gaming headset.


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We love Venom's products, from the

PS4 controller docking station

to the

Xbox One controller phone clip

. So how does the brand's flagship mid-range headset, the Sabre, stand up to the competition?

Here's our full rundown of the yays and nays for the Venom Sabre stereo gaming headset...

Design - Score 80

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The design of the Venom Sabre headset is extremely simple, but sleek and classy at the same time.

Finished in matte black, the ear cups are emblazoned with a striking embossed Venom logo, which finishes off the clean look nicely. The partly exposed speakers are a really nice touch, too.

Simple, sleek and classy

Unlike many low-priced headsets, the Sabre doesn't come off as cheap and tacky; the design could easily have been for a much more pricey product. The cable is snazzy and retro, too, which we like.

Functionally, as well, the design of the headset is great. The ear cups are much more comfortable than many of its competitors - I was exploring a great deal of Havana in 

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

with this on, and felt no discomfort or overheating like you often feel with budget (and even some high-end) headsets.

The 'tuck-away' microphone, too, is a really nice little touch to the design.


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Sound - Score 90

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The sound quality of this headset is really quite good. Everything I played was loud, clear and dynamic.

For under £30, sound quality on gaming headsets can be really hit and miss. But the Venom Sabre absolutely nails the delivery of game and chat audio, even when turned right up.

Loud, clear and dynamic

I compared the sound of the Venom headset to my regular Turtle Beach 50P, which usually sells for around a tenner less, and the quality was noticeably better with the Sabre. Environments felt more open and less muffled, which is especially great for cinematic action-adventure games like 

The Last of Us Part II


You should still invest in a surround sound headset for competitive 




, but for a casual or single-player gamer, or as an everyday backup, the Venom Sabre is a fantastic all-round choice.


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Price - Score 85

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The Venom Sabre gaming headset offers great value for money, there's no doubt about it.

If you're looking for a comfortable headset with decent audio quality, a retractable mic and a stylish design, then you could do much worse than this. It also comes with a splitter for PC players.

The Venom Sabre stereo gaming headset is

available on Amazon

right now for under £30.


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Our Score


  • Really comfortable ear cups, even for longer sessions
  • Better sound quality than other similarly-priced headsets


  • Some adjustability on the headband would be welcome
  • It's pretty big and clunky, making it difficult for storing
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