UK minister tells Meta that ‘rebranding’ won’t save it from criminal sanctions

Facebook’s quick-turn rebrand into the dystopic Meta has been a more transparent move than the company presumably wished. As negative investigations, a high-profile whistleblower and a tirade of hate waved over the company, a name change was set to heal the company’s image. However, UK minister Nadine Dorries won’t simply forget Facebook’s transgressions.

Nadine Dorries slams Meta following rebrand

Reported by CNBC, UK minister for digital, culture, media and sport brought up Meta at a recent hearing. With many criticising the move as a cartoon attempt to escape responsibility, it appears Dorries is following suit.

“Rebranding doesn’t work,” Dorries explained during the hearing. “When harm is caused, we are coming after it.”

Facebook’s rebrand to Meta has been attributed to its new focus on The Metaverse. The decision to try and replicate a dystopian Sci-Fi technology has already been criticised by people inside the company. However, the name change is somehow even now sinister.

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Meta does what Facebook already does

After the name change, it was revealed that social media Facebook would be abandoning controversial facial recognition tech. After that, it was revealed that Meta would still be using that technology in The Metaverse.

This simple act of hiding behind a new name highlights why people don’t trust Meta. It’s hiding behind a new name to continue doing sketchy, controversial activities. And UK minister Dorries is right, Facebook or Meta can’t hide behind it.

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