The Nintendo eShop is closing for maintenance - here's when to avoid the Switch store!

The Nintendo eShop is the method in scratching that Switch itch for whenever a new game or a new deal has been added to the store.

From deals that can feature up to 90% for games, to trials for upcoming games, its become the store that’s also got a lot of wishes from users who want to see much more features added to it, such as baskets and even gifting to other users.

But sometimes stores like the eShop need to go offline for maintenance. Sony’s PSN Store in the PS3 days had many a time where it had to go down for said maintenance.

So with that, here’s when to avoid the eShop when down for maintenance.

Nintendo like to announce the maintenance times on Twitter, so it gives players a good idea as to when they can avoid the eShop when needed. The following tweet lists exactly when these will be.

Four hours of maintenance on each of the three days, one of which has already occurred at the time of writing.

Of course, it also brought baseless hope that it meant that a Nintendo Direct is to drop during or after these times, but it never has and it never will.

It’s also useful to know that this doesn’t mean that the whole online service of the Switch ceases to work; you can still go into the multiplayer of Smash Bros Ultimate and Mario Kart.

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A Switch-Store hand

The Switch eShop has only seen a couple of improvements since its launch with the Switch in March of 2017, such as screenshot-scrolling and new tabs to better find games that have deals for example.

But these aren’t announced by Nintendo, usually found by users who randomly come across it, such as the tweet below.

Many are clamouring for improvements to the eShop, and hopefully there will be some soon, but there is no use in hoping that these maintenance times mean that a Direct is coming.

Right now though, make sure that you’re avoiding the eShop at those crucial times, just so you can jump into Onimusha or Sonic Mania while you wait.

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