The Last of Us FPS mod is incredibly brutal, impressive and cool

the last of us fps mod is incredibly brutal impressive and cool

the last of us fps mod is incredibly brutal impressive and cool

The Last of Us is considered by many to be a PlayStation classic for its story and gameplay. Naughty Dog’s masterpiece has already been re-released twice since but a new mod actually makes the game feel completely different by turning it into a first-person shooter.

YouTuber Voyager’s Revenge showed off his first-person shooter mod and it really changes the game. Seeing the same environments and enemies in first-person really differentiates this from the previous remasters.

Since everything is in first-person, shooting monsters and normal humans just looks more brutal. We get to see a good amount of shooting in the video and it’s an impressive conversion of Naughty Dog’s systems into a new perspective. While not perfect, the mod already feels like a game made for first-person.

Before fans get too excited by this mod for The Last of Us, it’s far from perfect. According to Voyager’s Revenge, the mod itself is unstable and keeps crashing the game. Despite this, the modder is hoping to eventually release this to the public.

“It's unstable, on an older build of the game, and crashing the game multiple times. But I'll pull some strings soon, stay tuned! The mod community for the game is going to wake up,” Voyager’s Revenge said, responding to a YouTube comment.

The Last of Us has actually had a recent history of being unstable, at least on PC. When the game launched on Steam it was filled with issues, especially on Steam Deck. It has since been given the “Verified” rating but the launch period was rough.

Having the game on PC has led to some modders getting creative. One of them even made Ellie look more like Bella Ramsey from the HBO adaptation.

Unsurprisingly, with the show doing so well and making these games more popular, a third installment might be on the way. Expect a remaster of Part 2 as well once the second season comes out (after the current Hollywood strike, of course).

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The Last of Us Part 1 is currently available on PS5 and Steam.

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