Sweaty, Sweaty Mark Zuckerberg shows off Metaverse sword fighting in mixed reality demo

It seems that Meta CEO and Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg will be a living meme forever, embarrassing himself online constantly. Not long after his metaverse selfie meme, Zuckerberg is being mocked for showing off a sword-fighting game while sweating constantly.

Admittedly, the mixed reality game he was playing does involve some physical activity, so the CEO has a decent excuse. Still, it’s funny seeing the billionaire constantly getting dunked on, and that trend doesn’t seem like it will be stopping.

Mark Zuckerberg sweats after playing a sword-fighting game

Fans can see Mark Zuckerberg sweating his face off in the video below, as he hypes up this game. Once the video starts, users can see just how sweaty the Meta CEO is, trying to catch his breath badly.

Managing to get through the video without fainting, Zuckerberg shows off some of the game and it looks just fine. Zuckerberg gets to show off his fencing training and we get to see his virtual opponent try to fight back.

But as can be seen, our comments about how sweaty the man is weren’t hyperbole, gasping through his awkward introductions. Hopefully, the game he showed off really made him that sweaty, indicating that it can really give players a workout.

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The latest Zuckerberg meme

While we doubt that this will take off as the metaverse avatar meme did, sweaty Mark Zuckerberg is still funny. Granted, the billionaire has his own rabid fanbase, so we’re sure they will defend his sweaty face to a tee.

Honestly, we just want to know why he didn’t shower before speaking about the game. Maybe they thought the sweat would make the game more authentic but it was funnier than anything else.

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