SEGA Mega Drive Mini under £50 on Amazon: Save a tenner on this throwback console with over 40 built-in games for just £48

Itching to get your hands on the new SEGA Game Gear Micro? Miss the days of Sonic and Streets of Rage? Then head over to Amazon now, where you can get the SEGA Mega Drive Mini with 42 games for just £48!

Released last year, the Mega Drive Mini is one of the most recent entries into the burgeoning retro microconsole market. Aside from the long-running Atari Flashback series, it's also the one with the most games.

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It's not every day these dedicated emulators are actually available, let alone on sale, so you're gonna want to act fast on this one! Read on for more info on the deal...

Get the SEGA Mega Drive Mini for just £48

Right now, the Mega Drive Mini is available for just £48 on Amazon - a saving of just under a tenner from its previous price. For that, you get the replica plug-and-play console, two USB controllers and 42 built-in games.

The full game list is available on the product page, but highlights include Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2 and the seriously underrated Spinball, plus Castle of Illusion, Toejam & Earl, Earthworm Jim and Golden Axe. All are pre-programmed into the dedicated machine, so you can just plug it in and start playing pretty much straight away!

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How long will this Amazon deal last?

Our guess? Probably not very long at all!

As soon as people start picking up on this deal, it will sell out quickly. These throwback consoles are notoriously hard to nab, so if you're thinking about it then we'd recommend not dawdling.

Take advantage of this great offer on Amazon now.

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