Original Sega Game Gear vs Sega Game Gear Micro: What has changed in the specs, features, price and size of Sega's handheld console?

Sega has announced the upcoming Game Gear Micro, a tiny little version of the original Game Gear that came out nearly three decades ago.

It was an odd announcement, as a lot of people were expecting something a little more grandiose and impactful than a teeny tiny version of a handheld console.

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We were hoping for a Dreamcast Mini, for example, but hey, sometimes these things happen and you don't get what you want.

Anyway, you might want to know whether or not you should get the new Game Gear Micro, or try and find an original Game Gear instead. Here's the essential info...

Sega Game Gear Micro - is it worth buying?

The Game Gear Micro price is around £50, which is cheap. However, it's only currently available to order in Japan, which isn't ideal.

The Game Gear Micro is also significantly smaller than the original Sega Game Gear - this one can fit snugly into the palm of one hand, whereas the original was a bit chunkier.

To play the Game Gear Micro, you're probably going to need to get the Big Window accessory, which is £200, so now it's not as cheap.

It comes loaded with four games, all depending on which colour you buy, so that's nice, but you can't buy any more games, so that's not as nice.

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SEGA Game Gear Micro colours
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Original Sega Game Gear - is it worth buying?

Buying an original Game Gear will probably set you back around £50 too, although you will have to search through places like eBay and CeX to try and find one. The downside is that it won't come with games preinstalled.

However, if you're savvy enough you can probably get one in good condition that also comes with games. You won't have to buy a magnifying glass to use it, and you can find Game Gear games for quite cheap.

The bad is that it'll be second-hand at best, but that's not that big of an issue given how carefully people tend to look after their consoles.

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Original Sega Game Gear vs Sega Game Gear Micro - which one to buy?

All things considered, the Game Gear original is probably a better investment than the Game Gear Micro, but it all depends what you want. If you want to enjoy the library of Game Gear games, then getting an old one is probably the right thing to do, if you want to get a tiny handheld console, then get the Micro.

Alternatively, if you want a more meaty nostalgic experience, you could pick up a Sega Mega Drive Mini from Amazon. It comes with plenty of games, is much newer than an original Game Gear, and it will be a bit easier to see than a tiny Game Gear Micro!

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