Play Warzone like Scump: loadout, button mappings, controller binds, and tech set-up tips to match the pro Call Of Duty streamer

So you're sick of beating your head against a wall trying to get better at Warzone. You just want to win, or at least make it closer to the end of a match.

There are lots of ways of improving your game. While the most obvious method is simply to practice as much as you can, there are other ways to get better.

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You could, for example, choose to mimic a pro player, play how they play, use what they use.

So, here's everything you need to play Call of Duty: Warzone like Scump.

Scump Warzone Loadout

Scump's Loadout, according to Dexerto, has him using the M4A1 assault rifle as his primary weapon. He equips this with the Monolithic Suppressor, the Stock M16 Grenadier, the Stippled Grip Tape, the 60 Round Mags, and the Ranger Foregrip attachments.

He then has the RPG as his secondary and uses E.O.D., Ghost, and Amped as his perks. Then he uses the Semtex as his lethal and Flash Grenade as his tactical equipment of choice.

Scump Warzone Button Mappings

According to Best Gaming Settings, Scump uses a PS4 controller to take out his competition. His button mappings are as follows:

  • Jump/Mantle: X
  • Crouch/Prone/Slide: Circle
  • Use/Reload: Square
  • Switch Weapon: Triangle
  • Aim Down Sight: L1
  • Fire Weapon: R1
  • Use Tactical Equipment: L2
  • Use Lethal Equipment: R2
  • Sprint/Tactical Sprint/Steady Aim/Change Zoom: L3
  • Melee: R3
  • Scoreboard/ Objectve: Share Button
  • Map: Touch Pad
  • Armour Plate: Triangle
  • Inventory: Down on D-Pad
  • Toggle Firing Mode: Left on D-Pad

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Scump Warzone Tech Set-up

Scump has some cool tech, at least according to Best Gaming Settings. You can click any of these next links to head on to a product page and consider making a purchase.

He has an ASUS VG245H monitor, which has an excellent picture and is perfect for any and all your battle royale needs.

He wears a Turtle Beach Elite Pro headset, which must be really good because both Elite and Pro have extra special connotations.

While he does use a PS4 controller, he actually uses the Scump SCUF controller instead which has extra paddles and a nicer shape to it than the traditional DualShock 4.

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