Play Warzone like DougIsRaw: loadout, button mappings and more ways to match the pro Call Of Duty streamer

Warzone is to hard drives what 3 tubs of ice cream is to a stomach. Tasty, but incredibly filling and oh good lord we're gonna need a bigger hard drive/stomach.

If you've been filling up on Warzone recently, then you might have found that you're struggling to keep up with other players.

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Maybe they're just better than you, maybe they're younger, they have better reactions, hell, maybe they're even cheating. Or, maybe they just know something you don't, maybe they're copying a better player and you should too.

Well, here's everything you need to know to play Call of Duty: Warzonelike DougIsRaw.

DougIsRaw Warzone Loadout

According to CoD Tracker, Dougisraw uses two weapons above and beyond everything else, but tends to favour the M4A1 assault rifle as one of his weapons thanks to its ease of use and ability to kill pretty much anyone from pretty much anywhere. The M4A1 is a great choice for players of any skill level thanks to its almost laser-like focus.

He also seems to have a real soft spot for the MP5 machine gun, which is an incredibly powerful submachine gun that excels in close range. It's a good choice to pair with the M4A1 too as it helps to keep you deadly even at the closest of ranges.

It's likely he uses the Overkill perk to wield both of these at the same time where possible, although he might just make sure he always find one or the other in a Warzone match. He has a pretty high kill count with the Semtex as well, which means it's possible that it's his go-to lethal equipment of choice.

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DougIsRaw Warzone Button Mappings

DougIsRaw is one of the rare streamers who favour the PS4 controller over all else. That means his button mappings probably look a little bit like this:

Jump/Mantle: XCrouch/Prone/Slide: OUse/Reload: SquareSwitch Weapon: TriangleUse Tactical Equipment: L1Use Lethal Equipment: R1Aim Down Sight: L2Fire Weapon: R2Sprint/Tactical Sprint/Steady Aim/Change Zoom: L3Melee: R3

He does occasionally play keyboard and mouse too, but the PS4 controller is the one you'll usually see in his hands.

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