Scientists claim China is artificially changing the weather in new experiments

Modern science has often attempted to control natural weather, from the United States’ Project Stormfury to Thailand's Artificial Rainmaking Research research. In a new development, scientists are claiming that China has artificially modified the weather in Beijing.

Reported by South China Morning Post, it’s been claimed that the Chinese Communist Party authorised the use of weather modification technology. However, the technology isn't exactly as cutting-edge as many claim.

Did China alter the weather?

SCMP reports that the Chinese Communist Party successfully used weather altering technology last July. The technology was reportedly used to ensure clear skies ahead of Beijing’s centenary celebrations in Tiananmen Square.

Scientists told the outlet that the CCP issued a large-scale cloud-seeding offensive to alter the country's weather. This technique adds silver iodine to clouds, encouraging precipitation and eventually altering planned weather schedules.

The outlet claims that they have definitive evidence of a successful large-scale weather alteration on the day of the event. Chinese environmental scientist, Wang Can, revealed that rockets were shot into the sky ahead of the event. Reportedly, a two-hour seeding mission resulted in artificially forced rains.

Additionally, the operation led to a massive decrease in air pollution. The air quality index saw a reduction of PM2.5, making the country far cleaner as a result. However, some find the technology uncomfortable.

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Why some scientists are against weather altering

The Chinese weather altering technology has undoubtedly has positive effects. For example, the recent use of cloud seeding resulted in clear skies and clean air. So, why are there so many people against the technology?

One reason is that many believe we shouldn't mess with nature, a theme often explored in media. On the other hand, others are uncomfortable with the scale of weather changing and how it can be weaponised.

China’s weather modification is planned to reach across 5.5 million square kilometres, a size that may have adverse effects on neighbouring regions. Additionally, if cloud seeding is so easy to accomplish, the tech could be weaponised to destroy crops in other countries.

As with any technology, there are pros and cons that surround weather modification. Hopefully, the tech will only me used for good.  

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