Grab the Samsung T9 portable 4TB SSD while it's 35% off!

A black rectangular SSD placed on a black desk with a white light behind it.
Credit: Samsung

A black rectangular SSD placed on a black desk with a white light behind it.
Credit: Samsung

Today we bring you good tidings of storage and sales. One of the biggest problems around modern-day PC usage is storage, and it can be an expensive issue to fix. That's why it's always good to see a worthwhile deal, and today we've got 35% off the Samsung T9 Portable 4TB SSD.

It's an excellent deal, as it brings this handy storage device down from $459.99 to $299.98. That's a small price to pay for an SSD as good as this one, especially given the size and speed of the thing. So, let's break down the specifics of this great SSD deal.

Samsung T9 product image of a black rectangular SSD featuring dark grey Samsung branding in the bottom corner.
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Credit: Samsung

This SSD is 4TB in size, which is more than enough for most people no matter what kind of work or hobbies you have. You can easily store loads of games, images, videos, or even spreadsheets on this with no issue. Plus, because it's portable, you can then transfer them between PCs at home or work with no problem.

You won't have to wait long either, as the Samsung T9 Portable SSD has speeds of up to 2,000 MB/s, which means it rivals a fair few internal SSDs too. It's the kind of speed that'll have you regretting ever owning an HDD, not that they're all that common at this point.

This mix of stats makes it exceptional for just about everyone. Whether you're a gamer who just needs a bit more space, a student who needs to backup and share projects, or a creative type who has a few different PCs and laptops to use but wants a more useful storage option. Just make sure you act fast to capitalise on this great deal!

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