Best TV deals 2024

Flatscreen TV on top of a white stand surrounded by a bookcase, lamp, and small side table.
Credit: Andres Jasso

Flatscreen TV on top of a white stand surrounded by a bookcase, lamp, and small side table.
Credit: Andres Jasso

Nabbing one of the best TV deals is the kind of joy that can only be experienced normally by getting a full night’s sleep. Although it may seem like an impossible thing to grasp, if it happens, the sheer elation of it will have you riding high for months to come. Also, you’ll have a shiny new TV to enjoy your shows, films, games, and whatever else you want on, and that’s its own delight too.

Fortunately, we've got you covered with a list of amazing deals from some of the best TV brands around. The deals are flowing right now, so don’t waste any more time; jump on in and treat yourself to a new TV, because you deserve it.

Best TV deals

  1. Amazon Fire TV 75" Omni - $1,119.98 (13% off) - best choice for most people
  2. Roku 40" Select Series TV - $179.99 (22% off) - a great but cheap deal
  3. TCL 98" Class S5 - $1,999.99 (33% off) - top big TV deal
  4. LG 24" 24LJ4540 - $132.99 ($7 off) - a superb small alternative
  5. Samsung 75" TU690T - $549.99 ($50 off) - best midrange choice
Amazon Fire TV 75" Omni QLED Series product image of a thin-framed flatscreen TV featuring multicoloured smoke on the display.
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Credit: Amazon

1. Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series

Best TV deal overall

Size: 75"
Display: QLED
Resolution: 4K
  • Sale Price: $1,119.98
  • Down from: $1,299.98
  • Saving: 13%

The Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series falls into the category of being one of the best gaming TVs on the market thanks to some seriously impressive specs. With a stunning 4K QLED display, this TV can provide realistic colours and crisp, clear gameplay, especially alongside Dolby Vision IQ and HDR 10+. With an HDMI 2.1 port alongside two 2.0 ports, there are also plenty of connectivity options for your consoles.

It's one impressive bit of kit. And, what's even better is that it's on sale for just $1,119.98, giving you 13% off the original list price. Make sure you act fast to save big.

A purple rectangular box featuring white branding on the front and an image of a black-framed TV featuring multiple streaming apps on the display.
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Credit: Roku

2. Roku 40" Select Series TV

Best cheap TV deal

Size: 40"
Display: LED
Resolution: 1080p
  • Sale Price: $179.99
  • Down from: $229.99
  • Saving: 22%

Out of all the budget TVs currently available, this Roku 40" Select Series TV with its 22% discount stands out as one of the best.

As you can see, it's very cheap as far as televisions go, and yet it still boasts some impressive features that can upgrade your current setup. For instance, it features a 1080p resolution which, considering its size, gives you solid pixel density. It's also built for streaming, giving you access to the most popular TV streaming apps, plus a massive selection of free and live television shows.

With a voice-controlled remote as well, there are plenty of reasons why this Roku TV is one best cheap television options on the market right now.

TCL Class S5 product image of a near-frameless black TV with an image of someone in a blue jersey and a white helmet throwing an American football on the screen.
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Credit: TCL

3. TCL Class S5

Best big TV deal

Size: 98"
Display: LED
Resolution: 4K
  • Sale Price: $1,999.99
  • Down from: $2,999.99
  • Saving: 33%

This massive TCL Class S5 measures 98 inches across, making it an ideal option to consider if you're seeking that immersive, cinematic, theatre-like experience from the comfort of your own home.

It may not have an OLED display, but you do get a 4K screen with the likes of HDR ULTRA for exceptional contrast, brightness, and colour. It's smart too, with Google TV built-in and an Auto Game Mode to ensure it hits the lowest possible input lag and latency for an unmatched gaming performance.

The best part about it all though? It's currently on sale for just $1,999.99. That's unbelievably cheap for a TV of this size, especially considering it's usually $1,000 more expensive.

LG 24LJ4540 product image of a small black TV with a picture of mountains and a lake on the display.
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Credit: LG

4. LG 24LJ4540

Best small TV deal

Size: 24"
Display: LED
Resolution: 720p
  • Sale Price: $132.99
  • Down from: $139.99
  • Saving: 5%

Our penultimate entry is a much smaller option for those who don't quite have the space for an 80+ inch display. Despite its size though, the LG 24LJ4540 still manages to pack quite a punch.

It has an LED screen capable of producing an HD picture which, on a screen of this size, is more than good enough seeing as you're unlikely to notice a difference with anything higher anyway. It also comes with an HDMI port and LG's Triple XD Engine to process images with even greater precision for more natural colour, deeper contrast and a more lifelike picture.

Okay, we've already mentioned a budget option, but this one is even cheaper at $132.99 as well, making it a pretty inexpensive investment if you're looking for a tiny TV.

Samsung TU69 product image of a near-frameless black TV with dark blue wavy lines on the display.
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Credit: Samsung

5. Samsung TU690T

Best midrange TV deal

Size: 75"
Display: LED
Resolution: 4K
  • Sale Price: $549.99
  • Down from: $599.99
  • Saving: 8%

A good midrange TV can often be the best choice for people. While it'd be nice to splash out on the best possible option, it's also a big leap in cost for what amounts to not a huge improvement for many users. That's where the Samsung TU690T comes in, as it's a good option in this price range for several reasons.

Not only does this have all the essential smart features powered by Tizen, making your streaming experience really comfortable, but it also boasts a stunning 4K resolution, fine-tuned colours thanks to PurColor technology, and seamless integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, and even Apple AirPlay 2 for smart home convenience. It's got everything you need for just $549.99 - that's a great deal in our eyes.

That rounds us off! Stay tuned for future updates to stay on top of all the best TV deals around.

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