Best TV deals in July 2023

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Flatscreen TV on top of a white stand surrounded by a bookcase, lamp, and small side table.
Credit: Andres Jasso

Nabbing one of the best TV deals is the kind of joy that can only be experienced normally by getting a full night’s sleep, even though you have kids. It’s an ethereal and impossible thing to grasp, but if it happens, the sheer elation of it will have you riding high for months to come. Also, you’ll have a shiny new TV to enjoy your shows, films, games, and whatever else you want on, and that’s its own delight too.

When we woke up this morning, all we could think about was helping you save some money on some of the best TV brands around. We’ve been all over the place to make sure that what you find here are the best TV deals in July. So, don’t waste any more time; jump on in and treat yourself to a new TV, because you deserve it.

All deals are available as of mid-July but they're subject to availability, so you won't want to wait around too long. So, strap yourself in as we run you through all the best TV deals we could find. Let's get into it...

Amazon Fire TV 75" Omni QLED Series

The best TV deal.

Amazon Fire TV 75" Omni QLED Series product image of a thin-framed flatscreen TV featuring multicoloured smoke on the display.
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Credit: Amazon
Size: 75" - Display: QLED - Resolution: 4K
  • Sale Price: $1,049.98
  • Down from: $1,299.98
  • Saving: 19%

The Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series falls into the category of being one of the best gaming TVs on the market thanks to some seriously impressive specs. With a stunning 4K QLED display, this TV can provide realistic colours and crisp, clear gameplay, especially alongside Dolby Vision IQ and HDR 10+. With an HDMI 2.1 port alongside two 2.0 ports, there are also plenty of connectivity options for your consoles.

It's one impressive bit of kit. And, what's even better is that it's on sale for just $997.48, saving you over $300 off the original retail price. Make sure you act fast to save big.

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series (55-inch)

The best cheap TV deal.

Amazon Fire TV product image product image of a black flatscreen TV featuring a blue and purple background on the display.
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Credit: Amazon
Size: 55-inch (other options available) - Display: Direct LED - Resolution: 4K
  • Sale Price: $339.48
  • Down from: $519.99
  • Saving: 35%

We already know Amazon's pretty good when it comes to making TV with its Prime Originals, but it also makes stellar displays to show them. There are a lot of different TVs in this range, as you can tell by the 4-Series moniker, but one of our favourite deals at the moment comes in the form of this Amazon Fire TV 55-inch.

This LED TV boasts a 4K resolution, meaning anything you watch or play will look amazing, and it also has built-in Fire TV. That just means you can easily access any streaming services you’re subscribed too. It also has extra Alexa functionality, which makes it a good shout for those with Alexa-compatible devices in their homes.

Samsung The Frame TV 85"

The best big TV deal.

Samsung The Frame TV product image of a white and black-framed TV with a white flowery tree on the display.
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Credit: Samsung
Size: 85" (other sizes available) - Display: QLED - Resolution: 4K
  • Sale Price: $3,495.98
  • Down from: $4,495.98
  • Saving: 22%

When it comes to the biggest TVs on the market, you won't find many better deals out there than this discounted Samsung The Frame TV. You can save 22% off the original retail price, meaning you pay $3,495.98 for this huge 85-inch screen. It's still expensive, but it's a saving of $1000, a discount you don't want to miss out on.

Other than size though, what else does this TV offer? Well, it features a QLED display and a 4K resolution. It's also stylish, designed to fit seamlessly into any living space with its picture-frame-like bezel available in an array of different styles. A great option for any home in our opinion.

Sony W830K


The best small TV deal.

Sony W830K product image of a black TV featuring a close-up of green leaves on the display.
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Credit: Sony
Size: 32-inch - Display: LED - Resolution: 720p HD
  • Sale Price: $298
  • Down from: $369.99
  • Saving: 19%

An 85-inch TV isn't for everyone, which is why we've also picked out this 32-inch Sony W830K as a much smaller option to consider. It's down to just $298 right now thanks to Prime Day, giving you a 19% saving if you act fast.

In terms of performance, the TV can deliver a clear 720p HD image from its LED display. Furthermore, it features intelligent motion-handling technology that's designed to keep fast-paced sports and action-packed movies blur-free. And, to top it off, it comes with Google Assistant built-in along with all your favourite streaming applications. It's even compatible with Alexa so you can, once again, take full control of what you're watching remote-free.

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