Awesome Samsung 990 Pro 2TB SSD is a huge 41% off right now

A black rectangular SSD featuring red and white branding on top.
Credit: Samsung

A black rectangular SSD featuring red and white branding on top.
Credit: Samsung

Storage is always a pain nowadays. Apps, games, movies, and basically everything else, are very storage-hungry, and it makes upgrading your SSD, or just flat-out getting another one, pretty much essential. So, whenever there's a good deal on one, especially one of the best SSDs, it's worth paying attention to.

The Samsung 990 Pro 2TB SSD is 41% off, which means it's just $169.99 instead of the usual $289.99, and we think that's an SSD deal worth shouting about. There are a few reasons why we think this too...

Someone holding a black rectangular SSD featuring white and red branding on top.
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Credit: Samsung

Alongside having a chunky capacity of 2TB, it is also a PCIe SSD, which means more reliable connections and far faster ones too. Because of that, it has speeds of up to 7,450MB/s, which will allow anything you're running from it to be almost seamless in its execution, even if you're playing an incredibly demanding game, or turning your Photoshop up to 11.

It manages to be surprisingly power-efficient as well, which is a nice bonus when electricity currently costs so much. It's even got a special design that helps maintain the correct temperature, which means you shouldn't suffer any issues with fluctuating stability. Avoiding those performance drops is huge, no matter what you're doing with it.

Basically, you'd be silly to pass up this chance to get this SSD for so cheap. So make sure you grab one, or maybe even two if you're feeling the more storage the better. You won't regret upgrading to this as your main SSD!

With extra storage now sorted out, why not take a look at what other things are on sale right now, including the best TV deals and the best gaming laptop deals. Whatever it is you need, we can help you out, because hunting down deals is something we delight in.

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