Red Dead Redemption Remastered may gallop onto Nintendo Switch this Fall

red dead redemption remastered may gallop onto nintendo switch this fall

red dead redemption remastered may gallop onto nintendo switch this fall

The remaster of Red Dead Redemption continues to gain traction on internet message boards. After a leak revealed the remaster’s existence, a new source claims that it’s also coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Gaming insider @TezFunz2 noticed that the Rockstar website was updated, with their iconic open-world western now on the games list. Upon further datamining, it was also revealed that new platform buttons were added to the game, including Nintendo Switch.

If the Red Dead Redemption remaster is coming to Switch, this will likely be a straight port with quality-of-life improvements. Prior to the leak, the hope was that it would be a remaster with the visual style of its sequel.

We’ve seen Rockstar Games port their titles to Switch before. Although most would think of the abysmal GTA Trilogy, the company also released a solid port of L.A. Noire. Since the Switch is more powerful than a PS3 or Xbox 360, a port like this should be fine, at least in theory.

A leaker talks about Red Dead Redemption Remastered on Switch.
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Credit: @TezFunz2 (Twitter)

Fans are worried that this port of the game could end up like the GTA Trilogy, which had to go through plenty of patches. The fact that three PS2 games ran so badly on modern consoles is the cause for concern.

It’s not yet known if Grove Street Games, the company who ported the GTA Trilogy, are also working on this remaster. Rockstar is busy working on GTA 6 and taking down any leaked footage of the project.

Although not as acclaimed as its predecessor, Red Dead Redemption is still seen as one of the sixth generation’s best games. John Marston is still a favorite to many, as is his tragic story of working with the government to eliminate his former gang. Considering the praise its sequel has gotten, the lack of a proper remaster until now has been somewhat surprising.

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Until the remaster is released, Red Dead Redemption can only be enjoyed on PS3 and Xbox 360. Red Dead Redemption 2 is readily available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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