Red Dead Redemption Remastered is just around the corner, apparently

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red dead redemption remastered is just around the corner apparently
Credit: Rockstar Games

It looks like Red Dead Redemption Remastered is just around the corner, as the game has officially been rated for release. While that doesn’t indicate a release right away, it does seem like this open-world game will be making a comeback.

Gematsu confirmed that this Western open-world title was rated in Korea, indicating that it will come to console and PC. No details on the game’s changes have been revealed but that will come from Rockstar Games when the time is right.

The fact that we still haven’t seen Red Dead Redemption on PC is surprising, especially since its sequel is. Admittedly, that sequel is technically a prequel in terms of the story but it’s also a more graphically-demanding game.

Due to the lack of details, we’re not sure if this will be a simple remaster or a more ambitious one with better visuals and bug fixes. Some fans are probably hoping that this will be closer to a remake, with visuals similar to its sequel. Until Rockstar gives us more details, it’s hard to say what is going to be done to the game.

Rockstar Games has had a mixed reception when it comes to re-releases of their old games, particularly, the recent Grand Theft Auto ports. Fans are already aware of how messy the remaster of GTA The Trilogy was, with fans preferring the original PC and PS2 ports. Grove Street Games were responsible for that mess but we still don’t know who will port this game.

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Considering how the original Red Dead Redemption is only playable on PS3 and Xbox 360, a remaster is long overdue. Hopefully, Rockstar has learned from the mistakes made in the GTA trilogy and put more effort into this one. Personally, while a full-on remake would be nice, we wouldn’t mind it if we just got a basic port with cleaner visuals.

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