Razer keyboards compared: Which is best out of the box?

Razer sent us a big box of gaming-tech products recently, and today's the day we're going to put all the keyboards inside to the test!

While we spoke about the mice that were in the box on Monday, that was only a third of what we received.

The company are known for many kinds of peripherals, but the main one they're remembered for are their keyboards.

From the 'BlackWidow V3' to the recent 'Huntsman V2 Analog' variant, there's plenty to choose from.

With that, here are the keyboards that came in the box, and what we thought after our time with them...

Razer BlackWidow V3

We reviewed a previous version of this early last year, where we said that "...This is a great keyboard, and while it doesn’t ascend past the SteelSeries Apex Pro, it’s still a great peripheral in Razers’ line-up.

The RGB is unparalleled here, especially after the half-hearted attempt that the Cynosa Lite brought to that. The keys as well have a great response-time, and just feel nice. Every press with that loud clicking brings a lot of satisfaction, especially when you’re typing in the group chat or needing to strafe away from an enemy."

The V3 improves upon this, with the keys having a more 'raised' appearance, with a different control to the right of the keyboard. It feels as good as any previous BlackWidow keyboard felt here, so if you've got £149 free for a keyboard, this would be an idea pick.

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Huntsman Tournament Edition

We reviewed the same keyboard from RAZER last year as well, with its compact design and RGB-features that are easy to configure through their 'Synapse' application.

We said in our review that "...We were really surprised with the Huntsman. It’s an example of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, and after spending the last week with it, we were happy to give it a rating that reflects how much we enjoyed using it.

It’s very responsive, the compact, durable design made it ideal for gaming and even writing, while the RGB made it stand out from others in this mid-tier of keyboards."

It's a great keyboard that's not only idea for gaming, but as a keyboard to have in the bag for when the commute resumes, or just has a keyboard for work.

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