PS5 console horizontal: Can the PS5 console lay down flat, or does it have to stand up vertical? Check out these images!

After the PlayStation reveal event on Thursday, we finally got a look at the new PS5 console. While the design has been praised by many fans, there are some who are concerned about the size of the console.

Estimates put the console standing at 391mm tall, some 90mm taller than the Xbox Series X, leading to questions whether it would fit underneath people's TVs or would take up too much space.

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Of course, the obvious solution to this problem is to turn the console on its side, but during the official reveal livestream, the console was only seen standing up vertically.

Since the stream ended, Sony has released further images of the console. Read on to see images of the console led down horizontally!

Can the PS5 lay down flat?

To put it simply, yes.

In the images below taken from PlayStation.Blog, the PlayStation 5 can be seen led on its side, looking more like a conventional console. It appears a stand is needed to support the PS5 on its side, due to the console's curved edges.

PS5 on side
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The PS5 can be seen on its side, supported by a circular stand.

A stand is also seen supporting the PS5 when it is placed vertically, suggesting the console will come with two different stands tailored to your own gaming setup.

This will no doubt be a relief to many gamers who are uneasy at standing a console upright, in fear of it falling over and sustaining damage.

While many automatically assumed the PS5 could lie on its side, it's nice for Sony to confirm this to us officially.

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