Persona music ripped from streaming services

persona music ripped from streaming services
Credit: Atlus

persona music ripped from streaming services
Credit: Atlus

The Persona series is often praised for having quality music and many rejoiced when they were added to streaming services. However, a good number of those tracks have now been mysteriously removed from various music services and nobody knows why.

On Twitter, user @ScrambledFaz confirmed that a number of tracks from the series were removed from Spotify. After some digging, it seems that the tracks were removed on August 1, as the user asked fans if it was that date for their region.

Notably, tracks from Persona 4 Golden, Q, Q2, and the Dancing games were removed and are now greyed out. Considering how those albums have songs like “Shadow World” and “Road Less Taken,” this is a tragic blow for the Persona community.

Faz has found an interesting loophole to keep listening to these songs, as they’re still available in their Japanese albums. A lot of the songs there are still in English, so fans can still jam to Shadow World if they need to.

Listeners will need to re-add these songs since they’re technically not the same versions that were originally added. While it’s good that fans can still listen to these songs, this shows that digital services can’t be trusted with preservation.

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Since Persona 3 Reload is coming out next year, one would think making Persona music readily available would be ideal. Then again, this is Atlus and the company is notorious for making some strange decisions. We all remember how long it took for them to announce Persona on Switch when they were already revealed for Xbox.

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