Get the BEST PRICE on Paper Mario: The Origami King with 10% off at Currys PC World: Get the new Paper Mario game on Switch for £40.49 with this code!

Heads up, Switch fans! Currys PC World is currently offering 10% off Paper Mario: The Origami King when you use the code GAME10 at checkout. That puts it at £40.49, the lowest price available online right now when you pre-order the game. And you can get it delivered on release day!

The Origami King is the long-awaited follow-up to Paper Mario: Color Splash, the last Mario game released for the Wii U, and marks the debut of the charming RPG series on the Nintendo Switch. The title sees Mario facing off against King Olly, who wants to turn the world to origami and take control of Bowser's army.

Read on for all the details on how you can take advantage of this pre-order offer...

The lowest pre-order price for Paper Mario: The Origami King

With its 10% off discount code, Currys PC World has the lowest pre-order price for Paper Mario: The Origami King right now. Use GAME10 at checkout and you'll get the game for £40.49.

Elsewhere, the best places to buy the game are ShopTo, where it's currently £42.85, and 365games, where it's £42.99. On Amazon you'll pay £49.99, although you do get some free origami sheets.

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How long will this pre-order deal be available?

Naturally, we'd assume that this offer would be available right up until release day. So, pre-order the game at Currys PC World, use the code GAME10 at checkout, and get it for £40.49!

BUY NOW: Paper Mario: The Origami King - £40.49 with code at Currys PC World

Where else can I pre-order Paper Mario: The Origami King?

If you want to shop elsewhere for whatever reason, the new Paper Mario game is available to pre-order at all top retailers.

The best prices we've found are £42.85 at ShopTo, £44.99 at 365games and £45.99 at Very. If you're looking for pre-order bonuses, you can get the title from GAME for £49.99 with origami sheets and an exclusive set of magnets.

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