Pakistan announces Cloud City, a huge Metaverse project

It seems like every country is entering the metaverse these days, with Pakistan being the latest example of this trend. Pakistan has announced The Cloud City Metaverse, which is the very first metaverse project from the country, getting netizens excited.

This massive Web3 project will be worked on by NARSUN Studios and the world is interested in the country’s plans. Granted, it could involve things like the blockchain and NFTs but that’s what we’ve come to expect from the platform.

Living the high life in Cloud City

According to, Pakistan’s The Cloud City Metaverse will be running on Unreal Engine 5, a fairly popular engine. Because of this technology, fans can expect to see “high-end graphics” and “hyper-realistic environments,” from this country’s online platform.

“My team and I have been working on web3 projects for a while now but it was time we did something for our country too,” Founder and CEO of NARSUN Studios & Co-Founder of TCCM Umer Abbas said. “We want to educate our people about the beauty of this space and bring more opportunities to our country. Pakistan has always been perceived as tech-illiterate but this will be a sign to the world that we can do it too.”

Like other metaverse platforms before it, Pakistan’s upcoming one will supposedly revolutionize things for major corporations and even ordinary users. It will cover a number of topics, including fintech, education, health, construction, and more, supposedly covering everything anyone would need.

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Uniting Pakistan with the world

Cloud City Metaverse will be able to do everything that other metaverse platforms can do, including podcasts and concerts. Co-CEO Mustafa Jamal Iftakhar points out that having all of these tools is big for Pakistan, with hopes of empowering its people.

"The web3 space opens up an entire plethora of opportunities for a country like Pakistan,” says Iftakar. “We are confident in driving the nation forward with our Metaverse, by empowering our people."

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