Oldest Person To Fly To Space: Who Was The Oldest Person In Space?

For many, the idea of being able to visit the space is beyond our comprehension. For most people, this is something that can only be dreamed about and imagined. For a select few, the idea of going to space and seeing the Earth from a different perspective is a reality. For those who have been able to go to space, they have seen the beauty of the Earth and the space beyond. And there is one man who did it in style. As well as having gone into space, he is the oldest person to do so. He is the old man of space.

The Oldest Person to Fly to Space

William Shatner is the oldest person ever to go into space. At the age of 90, Shatner boarded the Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft for his monumental trip into space. In achieving this feat, Shatner broke the previous record held by 82-year-old Wally Funk, a former astronaut trainee.

This man is now an icon and inspiration for many. After all, what could be more exciting than going to space? Mr William Shatner has been living a life full of adventures and experiences.  His adventures have taken him to the tops of the highest peaks, the deepest depths of the ocean, and now to the vast expanses of outer space. He’s looking forward to what’s next. This is the story of William Shatner, the oldest person to fly into space.

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Who is William Shatner?

Other than being the oldest person to fly to space, William Shatner is an actor. Some of his most famous movies include The Twilight Zone, Star Trek, TekWar, and The Practice. He is famous for his role as Captain James T. Kirk on the TV series Star Trek. In addition to his career in acting, Shatner also has a prolific career in other fields, including writing, directing, and producing.  His career has spanned more than five decades and is still going strong. Unquestionably, Mr Shatner is a man of many talents and one of the most successful and influential people in Hollywood history.

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