NFT dating app is the sad new product for lonely cryptobros

It’s not easy being an NFT enthusiast. Not only do most people not understand the point of NFTs, but those with can explain NFTs are often even more confused. With this in mind, it can't be easy for cryptobros to find love, especially when explaining their digital hobby only ends up alienating everyone. With that in mind: why not create an NFT dating app?

Lonely Ape NFT dating app

Via Augustman, a new NFT dating app called Lonely Ape has launched to help cryptobros find love. Announced shortly after Valentine’s Day (missed the boat there, guys), the app is designed entirely for crypto enthusiasts.

The Lonely Ape platform is designed to match based on a user's crypto assets. Marketing for the app claims partners will be matched based on their “crypto wallet, NFT portfolio, and net worth”. Essentially, it’s like a medieval royal matching for nerds.

To use the dating platform, each user must own one of 10,000 Bored Ape NFTs. Of course, this significantly limits the number of users that can even start to date on the platform. Additionally, not all of those 10,000 people may be interested in the app.

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Of course, the NFT dating app also expects users to spend cryptocurrency to use the service. Users can send cryptocurrency to other users in order to gain their attention. This also allows a user to show of their NFTs and net worth.

Additionally, a “coin digger” feature is designed to allow non-owners of Bored Apes to connect with “higher net worth individuals”. Finally, a match-to-earn feature will let users earn cryptocurrency by using the service.

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Inventing uses for NFTs

Of course, the invention of an NFT dating app comes in the face of people discovering the uselessness of NFTs. Outside of the industry’s massive percentage of scams and plagiarism, many still can't see what possible uses there are for non-fungible tokens.

This has led to numerous projects attempting to prove the worth of NFTs. For example, there have been myriad NFT fighting games, most of them asset flips, most of them terrible. Additionally, NFTs have been forced into metaverse projects simply to use them somewhere.

Part of this comes from the fact that digital assets are simply worse value than fungible assets. However, in order to make them seem more valuable, the technology is being retrofitted into other digital mediums instead of having a new medium designed around them.

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