Metaverse Strip Clubs are a hot trend for VR gamers

The metaverse is meant to be a place where people can spend money and indulge in their digital desires, so it’s not exactly surprising to hear that strip clubs are coming to the platform. While most people would rather hear about virtual worlds from Disney , there’s definitely an audience that wants a more “intimate” experience online.

Making it rain in the metaverse

Brit Dawson from Mel Magazine didn’t visit just one metaverse strip club but three; with the most popular one being Club Ruby. Interestingly enough, Dawson described how the crowd who go to these online strip clubs are a mix of online “tough guys” and those who think that the whole thing is a joke.

"Our ranks include a giant hot dog who’s grinding on one of the poles, a twerking stick-figure robot, a guy in devil horns who claps whenever the robot shakes its ass and a girl with Steve Harvey’s face and SpongeBob’s body,” as detailed by Dawson. “I watch as she tries — and fails — to shake hands with a giant red chili pepper on legs."

Apparently, the metaverse strip clubs are very convincing, as Dawson talks about how she briefly forgot that she was in her living room with VR goggles. It’s considered an accomplishment when VR can make you forget that you’re simply using technology to emulate digital experiences so the metaverse strip clubs appear to be a success.

"For a minute, I forget that I’m not actually in this strip club (that, yes, I’ve grown kind of fond of), but actually just standing in the middle of my living room with electric goggles on, watching pretty freaky avatars grind on each other from the comfort of their own living rooms," Dawson writes.

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Metaverse sex makes sense

While it would be easy to make fun of the metaverse, let alone a metaverse strip club, when you consider how the pandemic had taken intimacy away for some time it makes sense. Even with the pandemic supposedly getting better, some people don’t always want to go out and would rather do nasty things from afar, so using the metaverse for a strip club isn’t the worst thing.

It’s also worth noting that the internet has been used for sexual intimacy many times. From apps like Tinder to odd websites like Chatroulette, not to mention actual porn sites, it’s clear that we’ll always associate the internet with sex for a long time. Here’s hoping that horny users get the prettiest metaverse stripper out there.

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