Metaverse Miner: What Is Metaverse Miner And Can I Mine Metaverse?

Currently, there are plenty of Metaverse games out there. However, most of them lack an inherent circular economy. Meaning, the profits of the players in these games depend mostly on the inflow of new external players. A drop in inflow will result in economic losses for players, and ultimately, the loss of a large number of users. Naturally, this will also be bad for the game. To solve this problem, the Metaverse Miner came into being. So, let's find more about it!

What Is Metaverse Miner?

Metaverse Miner is a GameFi+NFT Play-to-Earn game on the BEP20 blockchain. This space-themed game takes players to a wider range of unfamiliar galaxies, to mine and obtain various primal energies ($META). The game ecosystem is built from three assets:

  • $META tokens: The $META token is the payment and equity token of the ecosystem with a maximum supply of only 21 million. Also, $META will be used for community governance, as well as for the development of the new Metaverse Miner ecosystem value.
  • Miner NFT: Miner NFT is equivalent to mining rigs, which is necessary to mine and obtain $META. A player with a miner NFT can place his Miner NFT on any Planet NFT that is not full. The Miner NFT consumes a certain amount of "energy value" to participate in mining. When the "Energy Value" drops to 0, the Miner NFT will no longer produce $META token rewards.
  • Planet NFT: Planet NFT is a highly rare core asset of the ecosystem. Mining is performed on the Planet NFT. The holder of a planet NFT not only receives earnings from the sale of miners, but also receives a portion of the mining operation fees and a share of the mining output paid by the holder of the Miner NFT.

The Metaverse Miner is a very simple game based on the “Dual-Circulation” economic model. Unlike other games, here, NFTs can be used to generate the in-game token $META. Consequently, you achieve “one-time investment, continuous benefit”. Meaning, if you make a one-time investment in the NFT, you will continuously receive benefits ($META) through mining. This is the core value of the Metaverse Miner game.

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Can I Mine Metaverse?

Yes. The whole point of the Metaverse Miner game is to mine $META tokens from different Planet NFTs in the Metaverse. To mine $META, the player needs to place (stake) the Miner NFT on a Planet NFT and perform mining. However, the Miner NFT and Planet NFT is just not given to the player. You have to purchase them in NFT auctions. Here is the detailed guide on how to mine $META token in the Metaverse:

Step 1: Be a Star Master or Star-Lord

Become a Star Master: In the auction of Planet NFT, you can get the whole planet’s territory and become a Star Master. Afterwards, you will get a certain number of Miner NFT that come from the planet, and meanwhile, the Planet NFT will keep generating Miner NFT. Planet NFTs are limited. Additionally, users who can auction NFT first will have the most chance to enter the field first!

Become a Star-Lord: If you don’t auction the Planet NFT, you can only get the Miner NFT from the Planet NFT or trade in the secondary market.

Step 2: Stake the Miner NFT to Collect Energy

After the user has staked the miner NFT to the planet, the terminal controller will be placed on the original planet to continuously obtain $META. 5% of the $META mined by the player-owned Miner NFT is owned by the Star Master (Planet owner) and 95% by the Miner NFT owner.

Voila! That's how it is done.

Undeniably, this new Play-to-Earn Metaverse is totally interesting with a brand new economic model. The game made it possible for gamers to stake their NFTs and reap in-game tokens from the game. Additionally, you don't need a high-end PC to mine tokens here. Furthermore, check back for more updates on the Metaverse Miner game!

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