Meta announces first Metaverse Drag show, featuring talents from RuPaul’s

Meta is going all out for the first-ever metaverse drag show. In order to bring the most eyes to the virtual event, the Metaverse company has hired numerous stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race will be taking part.

Since the metaverse has been home to concerts, parties and the like in the past, a drag show was inevitable. But will it be fun?

The first metaverse drag show

Dubbed Queens of the Metaverse, Meta is creating a mixed reality drag show that demonstrates how technology can “unlock possibilities in fashion design.”

How the competition will be pulling off a drag race has yet to be seen. After all, drag is a form of expression, and Meta’s basic, cartoony avatars users are quite limiting. Hopefully, the virtual show can pull off the pizazz of drag shows.

In order to get some buzz, Meta’s Queens of the Metaverse drag show will include three acts from RuPaul’s Drag Race; Blu Hydrangea, Tia Kofi, and Adam All. Each of these drag acts will showcase a new 'show-stopping drag look' by using VR and AR capabilities from LBGTQ fashion designers from Britain.

As expected, some of the fashion items we’ll see in the metaverse drag show are going to be real-life clothes. While it’s not yet known if people will be able to purchase these items, they will be showcased at a fashion event sometime next month in London.

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Metaverse drag show the start of more major events for creatives?

Though the metaverse is home to things like NFTs and cryptocurrency, Meta is hoping to get more creatives interested in the platform via events like this drag show. It seems that Queens of the Metaverse will continue that trend of more artistic specials happening on the platform.

“Drag is art, culture, performance. It’s visual storytelling. The hope is that technologies like virtual reality will help the drag community and other creatives unleash their potential in new and exciting ways,” said Ineke Paulsen, Meta's director of EMEA Marketing (via Daily Mail).

Fans of the Drag art form are probably happy seeing it get more love after RuPaul became such a hit, even if it has to be on a platform like the metaverse. Expect more news from Queens of the Metaverse and more drag shows in these virtual worlds as they come forward.

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